General Science (BS, BA)

Program Goals

The General Sciences degree program is an interdisciplinary degree track leading to Bachelor’s degree in General Science. It is designed for students who may not require the focus of a single science curriculum. The degree is designed to provide a broad education and to teach the fundamentals of science. The flexibility in the choice of courses allows students to obtain a degree that meets their career goals. Students can concentrate on biological sciences or chemistry as they prepare for admission to medical school, or other professional school in the health industry. Students can also prepare for graduate school, or work in fields in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical or laboratory setting, public health or environmental sciences, federal, state and local government, in the military.

Goals of the General Sciences program are:

  1. To prepare students to conduct and communicate original scientific investigations.
  2. To graduate students who have a solid grounding in many areas of science including biology with significant exposure to chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science.
  3. To prepare and graduate students who enter graduate school or professional school.
  4. To prepare students for the world of work in a variety of settings.


General Science Learning Outcomes

  • Students are able to apply the scientific method and complete an independent research project.
  • Students are able to effectively communicate scientific concepts through written, spoken and visual means. 
  • Possess working knowledge of the principles of chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics. 
  • Apply critical analysis and quantitative problem-solving skills to a variety of contexts. 
  • Demonstrate reasoning skill and ability to engage in scientific problem solving.


Please see the University Catalog for more information and program requirements.


For more information contact the College of Science and Technology.