Nursing RN to BSN Program

Program Goals

The Nursing RN to BSN program is one of two programs offered by the Nursing Department of the College of Science and Technology.

The nursing program seeks to:

  • Provide high levels of liberal and professional educational experiences to a diverse nursing student population.
  • Prepare graduates with superior knowledge and skills to serve local, national, and global communities through quality, patient-centered, holistic nursing care.
  • Develop nurse leaders who are caring, knowledgeable in nursing science, adept in research, secure in the use of related technologies, and prepared for continuous advancement in our ever-evolving healthcare environments.
  • Prepare nurse leaders who are prepared to provide quality, patient-centered, holistic nursing care, participate in the building of nursing profession through nursing practice, research and scholarship intended to improve health outcomes for all people.

(Hybrid courses are scheduled to launch early spring 2016, online courses are scheduled to launch fall 2016)

The RN-BSN program is CCNE accredited  The program is available on campus or online, offers an efficient bridge for diploma and ADN-prepared nurses who wish to develop stronger clinical reasoning and analytical skills to advance their careers. The innovative concept-based curriculum includes specific areas of study in research, professional roles and values, population health, and leadership. These areas challenge our students to take an active role in meeting the increasing complexities of healthcare affecting local, national, and global communities.

Our digitally enhanced courses are offered in an organized and supportive learning environment. Students enjoy the convenience and flexibility of 24/7 access to all course materials to best fit the needs of the busy RN adult learner. You have the opportunity to apply up to 33 credits toward a BSN degree through transfer credits from an accredited associate degree or diploma-nursing program. General education credits may be awarded through transfer, College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or online courses. Graduates of the program will be awarded the BSN degree upon completion of all requirements for the nursing major.

The RN-BSN nursing courses are 7 weeks in length and are offered on a rolling calendar. Students join together in cohort groups and take all of their nursing major core classes together. The courses in the RN to BSN program are taken one at a time in sequence, allowing the major to be completed in about 20 months. The program is designed specifically for adult learners who prefer guided independent study, practical professional application, and a collegial relationship with faculty and other students. Once all pre-requisites are satisfied, you can start the program during the fall and spring semesters.

RN to BSN Resources

Nursing Program Application

RN to BSN Handbook

RN to BSN program Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information on admission to and programs of study at the Lincoln University Nursing program, contact the RN-BSN coordinator, Dana Wallace at 484-365-7707.


A BSN degree enables you to:

  • Expand career opportunities, i.e. joining a Magnet Hospital®
  • Improve your earning potential
  • Participate in leadership roles
  • Pursue ongoing professional growth

Benefits of Lincoln University’s Hybrid/Online RN-BSN Program

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Individualized learning
  • Clinical practicums that are tailored to meet your needs which can be completed in a healthcare facility near you
  • Flexible scheduling


RN-BSN Hybrid and Online Programs Bachelor of Science of Nursing Degree Program Requirements

All general education and pre-nursing courses must be completed before enrollment in nursing major core courses.

  • Proof of current unencumbered RN licensure (USA)
  • Application to The Lincoln University 
  • Application to the nursing program
  • Clearances are required for the Capstone course


Lower Level Courses (to be satisfied at LU or as transfer credits upon approval)
Liberal Arts Core Credits 27 Credits
English Composition I & II (or Equivalent) 6
Religion or Philosophy 3
Social Sciences (Foundational Psychology and Sociology) 6
Foundational Art or Music 3
World History or Equivalent 3
Electives of Choice (Foreign Language, Computer science, Drama, Voice, etc.) 6
Pre-Nursing required courses 10 Credits
Developmental Psychology 3
Microbiology 4
Nutrition 3
BSN Core Math & Science
(students must receive at least a 3.0 in all Science and Math courses)
22 Credits
College Algebra 3
Intro to Statistics 3
Anatomy & Physiology I and II (plus lab) 8
Chemisty for Health Science (or equivalent) 4
Intro to Biology (or equivalent) 4
Transferring Nursing Credits
(from an accredited associate degree or diploma nursing program)
30 Credits


Upper Level Courses
RN-BSN Required Courses
(Courses are generally taken sequentially, one at a time, until the program is complete)
33 Credits
NUR 351  Transition to Professional Nursing Practice 3
NUR 352  Health Assessment and Promotion 4
NUR 452  Nursing Research 3
NUR 453  Healthcare Ethics 3
NUR 455  Healthcare Delivery Systems 3
NUR 456  Transcultural Nursing Perspectives 3
NUR 457 Community and Population Health 4
NUR 458 Nursing Leadership and Management 3
NUR 460 Capstone Seminar/Practicum 4
Nursing Electives (choose one of the following)  
NUR 353  Multi-cultural Spiritual Perspectives in Nursing 3
NUR 358  Nursing Informatics and Technology 3
NUR 459  Gerontological Nursing Perspectives 3
SPN 000 Spanish for Healthcare Workers 3
Total Credits for Graduation 120