Faculty & Staff Directory

Departments Office(s) Fax Number
Ronald Green Interim Director of Bands
  • University Bands
  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • Thurgood Marshall Living Learning Center (LLC) 212C
484-365-7658 rgreen@lincoln.edu
Edgar Brookins Adjunct Professor, Mass Communications
  • Mass Communication (Department)
GH121 7648 ebrookins@lincoln.edu
Dr. John O. Chikwem Associate Professor, Department of Biology; Director, Center for Excellence in Health Disparities
  • Biology Department
Nelson Center 209 484-365-8153 jchikwem@lincoln.edu
Mary Coleman Clinical Coordinator, Counseling Services; Program Assistant, Women's Center
  • Counseling Services
  • Women's Center
Wellness Center Room 221 484-365-7244 mcoleman@lincoln.edu
Dr. Dana R. Flint Professor of Philosophy; Faculty Athletics Representative
  • Athletics
  • History, Political Science & Philosophy
215 Grim Hall
  • Grim Hall 302
484-365-7299 flint@lincoln.edu
Maria De La Cruz Residence Hall Coordinator – Ashmun Hall
  • Residence Life
Ashmun Hall
  • Ashmun Hall 
484-365-7268 mdelacruz@lincoln.edu
Juliana M. Mosley Ph.D. Vice President, Division of Student Affairs
  • Student Affairs
Wellness Center, Room 117-A 484-365-7222 jmosley2@lincoln.edu
Officer Clarence Stevens Residence Hall Security Officer, Public Safety
  • Public Safety
AH 7212 cstevens@lincoln.edu
Officer Kevin Thompson Campus Police Officer/K-9 Unit, Public Safety
  • Public Safety
AH 7212 kthompson@lincoln.edu
Brenda Snider InstructionalTechnology Support Specialist, Academic Technology Support
  • Academic Technology Support
  • Lincoln Online
LHML109 484-365-7355 snider@lincoln.edu
Sonia Roumaniotis Program Assistant, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Visual & Performing Arts
108 Ware Center Extension 7555 sroumaniotis@lincoln.edu
Ms. Michelle Cline RN, BSN Adjunct Professor, Nursing Department
  • Nursing
335 Nelson Center 484-365-7497 mcline@lincoln.edu
Madhusmita Bora Adjunct Professor - BHS/MHSA/MHSD/MSC
  • College of Professional, Graduate & Extended Studies - Graduate Programs
  • University City 
Ms. Judith C. Ojo RN Part-Time Staff Nurse, Health Services
  • Health Services
Wellness 484-365-7327 cojo@lincoln.edu
Anthony Pla Head Baseball Coach/Facilities Manager/Asst. Compliance, Athletics
  • Athletics
  • Bowling Alley
  • Swimming Pool
  • Manuel Rivero Hall 215
484-365-7318 apla@lincoln.edu
Heriberto Arjona Adjunct Instructor - Spanish, Department of Languages and Literature
  • Languages and Literature
GH 211
  • Grim Hall 211
484-365-7656 harjona@lincoln.edu
Ms. Sharon Falade Financial Reporting Accountant, Business Office/Fiscal Affairs
  • Business Office
215 Vail Hall 484-365-7430 sfalade@lincoln.edu
Dr. David F. Royer Professor, Biology Department, CST
  • Biology Department
7511 royer@lincoln.edu
Dr. Rebecca L. Olson Adjunct Professor – BHS/MHSA/MHSD/MSC
  • College of Professional, Graduate & Extended Studies - Graduate Programs
UC rolson@lincoln.edu
Mr. Michael Vitali Computer Tech, Information Technology
  • Information Technology (OIT)
MOD-Rm5 8196 mvitali@lincoln.edu