Faculty & Staff Directory

Departments Office(s) Fax Number
Sophia Sotilleo Assistant Professor
  • Langston Hughes Memorial Library
  • Langston Hughes Memorial Library  201
484-365-7261 ssotilleo@lincoln.edu
Brandon Williams Lab Manager, Chemistry & Physics
  • Chemistry & Physics
NC340 7637 bwilliams3@lincoln.edu
Dr. Malcolm Bonner Assistant Professor, BHS/MHSA/MHSD/MSC
  • College of Professional, Graduate & Extended Studies - Graduate Programs
UC 464
  • University City 464
215-590-8228 mbonner@lincoln.edu
Dr. Laurellen L. Treisner Associate Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science Department, College of Science and Technology
  • Mathematics & Computer Science
NC228 484-365-7446 treisner@lincoln.edu
Karin Williamson JD Director, Human Resources
  • Human Resources
484-365-8059 kwilliamson@lincoln.edu
Alan Box Media Center Manager, Adjunct Professor
  • Mass Communication (Department)
SUB234 7876 abox@lincoln.edu
Corporal Matthew Cordone Campus Police Corporal, Public Safety
  • Public Safety
  • Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall 
484-365-7212 mcordone@lincoln.edu
Ms. Debra Howell Administrative Assistant (A-G), Undergraduate Admissions
  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Cannon House 208
484-365-7209 dhowell@lincoln.edu
James Jones Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice
  • Sociology and Criminal Justice
  • Modulars 16
484-365-7643 jjones@lincoln.edu
Ms. Mary Glatts RN, DNP Visiting Assistant Professor, Nursing Department
  • Nursing
NC 335
  • Ivory V. Nelson Science Center 335
484-365-7497 mglatts@lincoln.edu
Vicki Reeves Assistant to the President/Researcher
  • President's Office
ICC 2nd fl
  • International Cultural Center (ICC) 2nd Floor
484-365-7490 vreeves@lincoln.edu
Captain Ruth Evans Waller Assistant Director /Police Captain, Public Safety; RAD Systems, Inc. Instructor
  • Public Safety
AH201 484-365-8127 revans@lincoln.edu
Nadia Alexander-Pompey Assistant Men's & Women's Cross Country Track and Field Coach, Athletics
  • Athletics
MRH210 484-365-7314 nalexander@lincoln.edu
Mahpiua Deas Ph.D. Professor, English Program, Department of Languages and Literature
  • Languages and Literature
UH 303
  • University Hall 303
484-365-7513 mdeas@lincoln.edu
Mr. Paul Ojewoye Interim Program Coordinator, Title III Programs
  • Research & Sponsored Programs
  • Title III
121 Wright Hall
  • Wright Hall 121
484-365-7293 pojewoye@lincoln.edu
Louis Colbert Adjunct Professor – BHS/MHSA/MSHD/MSC
  • College of Professional, Graduate & Extended Studies - Graduate Programs
UC lcolbert@lincoln.edu
Dr. Douglas Thomas Adjunct Professor, History, Political Science and Philosophy dthomas@lincoln.edu
Amber Sneed Head Volleyball & Asst. WBB Coach, Athletics
  • Athletics
MRH212 7631 asneed@lincoln.edu