Faculty & Staff Directory

Departments Office(s) Fax Number
Mr. Endi Mulyadi PC Specialist Information Technology
  • Information Technology (OIT)
MOD-Rm5 7601 emulyadi@lincoln.edu
Joslyn Cunningham Financial Assistant, Bursar/Business Office
  • Bursar
  • Business Office
LH2ndfl 7432 jcunningham@lincoln.edu
Charlene Diahan Kilpatrick M.Ed Assistant Director, Office of Residence Life; RH Coordinator Apartment Style Living
  • Residence Life
SUB 233, ASL 104
  • Student Union Building (SUB) 233
  • Apartment Style Living (ASL) 104
  • 484-365-7253 ckilpatrick@lincoln.edu
    Julia Ann Walsh RN, MSN Assistant Professor, Nursing Department
    • Nursing
    • Ivory V. Nelson Science Center 303
    484-365-7497 jwalsh@lincoln.edu
    Dr. Helen Major Associate Professor, Chemistry & Physics Department, College of Science and Technology
    • Chemistry & Physics
    NC322 7476 hmajor@lincoln.edu
    Dr. Jamal Benin Adjunct Professor, Sociology & Criminal Justice
    • Sociology and Criminal Justice
    • Modulars 16
    484-365-7605 jbenin@lincoln.edu
    Mr. Albert M. Bryson Instructor/Catalog Librarian, Langston Hughes Memorial Library
    • Langston Hughes Memorial Library
    LHML211-B 484-365-7358 bryson@lincoln.edu
    Sue Reed Director, Purchasing
    • Business Office
    • Fiscal Affairs
    • Purchasing
    • Vail Memorial Hall 203
    484-365-7929 sreed@lincoln.edu 484-365-8047
    Dr. Patricia Lewis-West Associate Professor, Master of Education (M.Ed.) Program
    • College of Professional, Graduate & Extended Studies - Graduate Programs
    • University City 
    215-590-7598 plewiswest@lincoln.edu
    Ms. Marshayla R. Kinsel Residence Hall Coordinator, Lucy Laney Hall
    • Residence Life
    • Lucy Laney Hall 
    484-365-7277 mkinsel@lincoln.edu
    Dr. Claude Tameze Chair, Associate Professor, Mathematics & Computer Sciences Department, College of Science and Technology; Director, Math Learning Center
    • Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA)
    • Mathematics & Computer Science
    • Ivory V. Nelson Science Center 218
    484-365-8110 ctameze@lincoln.edu
    Maxine Cook Assistant Director, Upward Bound
    • Upward Bound
    • Wright Hall 305
    484-365-7552 mcook@lincoln.edu
    Kelly Coblentz Lincoln University Bookstore Manager SUB-Lower
    • Student Union Building (SUB) Lower Level
    484-365-7994 0796mgr@fheg.follett.com 484-365-7995
    Shelley Mix MPA Communications & Public Relations Specialist, Communications & Public Relations
    • Communications and Public Relations
    • Lincoln Hall 406
    484-365-7499 smix@lincoln.edu
    Dr. Solomon Caudle Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions
    • College of Professional, Graduate & Extended Studies - Graduate Programs
    • Graduate Student Services and Graduate Admissions
    UC 415 973-570-8907 scaudle@lincoln.edu
    Dr. Daryl Zizwe Poe Ph.D. Professor, History, Political Science, Philosophy and Religion; Director, Horace Mann Bond Honors Program
    • History, Political Science & Philosophy
    218 Vail Hal
    • Vail Memorial Hall 218
    484-365-7180 dpoe@lincoln.edu
    Mr. Julio E. Cardenas Residence Hall Security Officer, Public Safety
    • Public Safety
    AH 484-365-8139
    Karen McAneney Executive Assistant, (temp), Office of Institutional Advancement LH400 7440 kmcaneney@lincoln.edu