Faculty & Staff Directory

Departments Office(s) Fax Number
Michael Gardner Counselor, Upward Bound
  • Upward Bound
WH306 484-365-7553 mgardner@lincoln.edu
Pamela Draper Office Assistant, Mail & Copy Center
  • Mail and Copy Center
  • Student Union Building (SUB) 120
484-365-7777 pdraper@lincoln.edu
Eric Webb Director, Communications & Public Relations
  • Communications and Public Relations
LH407 7451 ewebb@lincoln.edu
Morgan Shaw Graduate Recruiter
  • Graduate Student Services and Graduate Admissions
UC 415 215-590-8239 mshaw@lincoln.edu
Dr. Kenoye Eke Visiting Professor, Political Science
  • History, Political Science & Philosophy
109 Grim Hall
  • Grim Hall 109
484-365-8125 keke@lincoln.edu
Dion Robinson ’12 Admissions Counselor, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Cannon House 204
484-365-7229 drobinson@lincoln.edu
Ms. Connie Mullen Manager, Gifts Processing & Records, Institutional Advancement LH406B 7256 cmullen@lincoln.edu
Sergeant David Quinn Police Sergeant/FireArms/Bike Patrol, Public Safety
  • Public Safety
AH 7212 dquinn@lincoln.edu
Caprice Love Senior Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
  • Academic Affairs
VH, 1st fl 7437 clove@lincoln.edu
M. Helen Meacham Visiting Instructor Piano
  • Visual & Performing Arts
116 Ware Center Extension 7607 hmeacham@lincoln.edu
Mr. Joshua Rodgers Adjunct Professor Languages and Literature
  • Languages and Literature
315 University Hall 484-365-7518 jrodgers@lincoln.edu
Christine Adams Adjunct Professor - BHS/MHSA/MHSD/MSC
  • College of Professional, Graduate & Extended Studies - Graduate Programs
UC cadams@lincoln.edu
Charles Gradowski Vice President, Fiscal Affairs
  • Fiscal Affairs
VH112 484-365-8049 cgradowski@lincoln.edu
Jacob J. Mullins Compliance Officer, Athletics
  • Athletics
MRH206 484-365-7386 jmullins@lincoln.edu
Sarala A. Van Dover M.A. Adjunct Assistant Professor, English Program, Department of Languages and Literature
  • Languages and Literature
UH 319
  • University Hall  319
484-365-7517 svandover@lincoln.edu
Ms. Yolanda Grange Program Assistant, Student Life & Development
  • Student Life and Development
130 Student Union Building
  • Student Union Building (SUB) 130
484-365-7702 ygrange@lincoln.edu
Dr. Derrick Swinton Dean, College of Science and Technology; Professor, Chemistry and Physics; Program Coordinator, LEAPS
  • Chemistry & Physics
NC311, NC344 7470 dswinton@lincoln.edu
Bradley LeVan Adjunct Professor - BHS/MHSA/MHSD/MSC
  • College of Professional, Graduate & Extended Studies - Graduate Programs
UC blevan@lincoln.edu
Mr. Franks Nnani Desktop Support Specialist, Information Technology
  • Information Technology (OIT)
MOD-Rm4 7852 franks@lincoln.edu
Sandra K. Gress Financial Assistant, Bursar/Business Office
  • Bursar
  • Business Office
LH2ndfl 7412 gress@lincoln.edu