Faculty & Staff Directory

Departments Office(s) Fax Number
Nichole Webster Adjunct Instructor, Master of Education (M.Ed.) Program
  • College of Professional, Graduate & Extended Studies - Graduate Programs
  • University City 
215-590-8225 nwebster@lincoln.edu
Dr. Lynn E. Roberts Professor, Chemistry & Physics Department, College of Science and Technology
  • Chemistry & Physics
NC324 7473 roberts@lincoln.edu
Dominique Simons-Bennett Residence Hall Coordinator, Lorraine Hansberry Hall, Residence Life
  • Residence Life
Hansberry 7342 dsimons@lincoln.edu
Ms. Susie L. Boyer Office Assistant, Langston Hughes Memorial Library
  • Langston Hughes Memorial Library
LHMLCircul 7352 sboyer@lincoln.edu
Lynn Powell Buyer/Expeditor (Purchasing), Business Office/Fiscal Affairs
  • Business Office
  • Fiscal Affairs
  • Purchasing
  • Vail Memorial Hall 
484-365-8051 lpowell@lincoln.edu 484-365-8047
Dr. Carol-Anne George Associate Professor, Faculty Coordinator for General Education
  • College of Professional, Graduate & Extended Studies - Graduate Programs
UC 465
  • University City 465
215-590-8225 cgeorge@lincoln.edu
Ms. Melanie D. Palmas Adjunct Instructor
  • College of Professional, Graduate & Extended Studies - Graduate Programs
  • Coatesville 
Fran Cooper Program Assistant, Health Sciences Department
  • Health Science (Department)
Wellness 205/ M11
  • Wellness Center 205
7385 fcooper@lincoln.edu
Lamont Walker Manager, Thompson Hospitality LLC-Cafi 7326 lwalker@lincoln.edu
Leonie Walters Learning Support Specialist/Instructor, Center for Advising and Student Achievement
  • Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA)
  • Wright Hall 208
484-365-7486 lwalters@lincoln.edu
Marie Means Program Assistant, Communications & Public Relations
  • Communications and Public Relations
LH406 7427 mmeans@lincoln.edu
Jernice Lea Director, Graduate Student Admissions
  • Graduate Student Services and Graduate Admissions
UC 416 215-590-8231 jlea@lincoln.edu
Dr. Stephen McCullough Assistant Professor History
  • History, Political Science & Philosophy
313A Grim Hall
  • Grim Hall 313A
484-365-7260 smccullough@lincoln.edu
Nivine Rihawi Senior Human Resources Generalist, Human Resources
  • Human Resources
484-365-8096 nrihawi@lincoln.edu
Elaine Bell Supervisor, Recreation Center and Building Operations
  • Student Life and Development
  • The Lair (Recreation Center)
Room 137 Student Union Building
  • Student Union Building (SUB) 137
484-365-7703 ebell@lincoln.edu
Sergeant Antonio Ortega Campus Police Sergeant, Public Safety
  • Public Safety
AH 7212 aortega@lincoln.edu
Shirley M. Quillin Program Assistant, Center for Advising and Student Achievement
  • Academic Advising
  • Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA)
WH 2nd fl
  • Wright Hall 2nd Floor Reception Area
484-365-7492; 484-365-7627 quillin@lincoln.edu
Andrew Small MFA Adjunct Professor, Visual Arts
  • Visual & Performing Arts
139 Ware Center asmall@lincoln.edu
Mr. Esthus Christopher Amos Adjunct Professor, Languages and Literature
  • Languages and Literature
135 University Hall 484-365-7518 eamos@lincoln.edu
Robert Miller Fleet Technician Coordinator, Physical Plant, Maintenance
  • Physical Plant
PhysPlant 484-365-7113 rmiller@lincoln.edu