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Please complete the form below for equipment and/or media production requests. When you click on the item, suggestions of additional equipment you may need are listed. Please give us 48 hours notice and 72 hours notice during peak periods. We will try to accommodate any special requests. You or your department will be charged replacement costs for any equipment not returned to ATS. You or your department will be charged for all supplies related to media production. To submit this form to ATS, please click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.

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Equipment - Video - Audio Requests

Please complete this section for equipment requests and for video/audio recording requests. Equipment must be picked up from ATS, Library, First Floor.


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(laptop and iPad loans are short-term only)

Laptop Computer - PC --

Laptop Computer - Mac --

Data/Video Projector --

iPad -- (For classroom use only, with ATS Director's approval.)

Digital Camera

SD Card No. of
4 GB Cards

Laser Pointer/Slide Advance

Student Response System (clickers) --

DVD Player

Digital Camcorder


Audio Cable




Mic Stand - Floor --

Digital Audio Recorder (Desk/Tripod) Digital Audio Recorder (Necklace)




Display Easel - Table --

Display Easel - Floor --

Flip Chart/White Board Easel



Computer Graphics/Design

Brochure 8.5 x 11 Brochure 8.x 14, trifold
Certificate No. to Print on Certificate Paper
Flyer 8.5 x 11 Flyer 8.5 x 14 Flyer 11 x 17
Form (html) Form (Microsoft Word)
Handbook Invitation
NameTags No. of Name Tag Holders
Newsletter 8.5 x 11 Newsletter 11 x 17 (folded = 4 pages)
Program 8.5 x 11 Program 11 x 17
Sign 8.5 x 11 Sign 8.5 x 14 Sign 11 x 17
Table Placard Tickets

Digital Imaging - No Charge

(e-mail your document to, after you submit this form)

(e-mail your document to, after you submit this form)


Batteries -- AA --

Batteries -- AAA --

Bulletin Board Paper --

Business Card Paper

CD/DVD Sleeve

CD/DVD Clear Case

Color Printing 8.5 x 11 -- (limit of 10)

Color Printing 8.5 x 14 -- (limit of 5)

Color Printing 11 x 17 -- (limit of 5)

Construction Paper - Small

Construction Paper - Large --

Copies - Small --

Cover Stock --


Lamination per foot --

Lamination - Small Pouch --

Lamination - Large Pouch --

Poster Board 24 x 36 --

Flip Chart Marker

White Board Markers and Eraser

White Board/Dry Erase Markers

Eraser for White Board

Video/Audio Services

Video Recording

No. of DVDs

No. of CDs

No. of CDs