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The Teaching Matters blog at http://tm-blogspot.com was developed to give Lincoln faculty and staff—busy in our separate buildings and campuses during the day and heading to different towns and states after we leave—a place to come together virtually to discuss the issue of greatest importance to us all: teaching and learning.

Every week different bloggers will present a new teaching-related topic. These blogs may pose questions, suggest solutions, and provide explanations and resources. Blogs and comments will be archived, creating a reservoir of our ideas on pedagogy.

We hope that you will participate enthusiastically in this chance to share expertise about good teaching and learning so that we can learn from one another. Consider this a faculty cyberlounge—have a (virtual) beer, forget about grading and lesson planning for a few minutes, and let’s talk about teaching.

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Directions for Guest Bloggers

  1. We will send out a reminder to all bloggers a week before their posting is due.
  2. Please email your posting as a text or Word file to Linda Stine by Monday morning of the week to which you’ve been assigned, and cc Nancy Evans. We will post it to the blog. 
  3. We suggest a relatively short posting (1 double-spaced page?) but you are free to include links to other resources that readers can explore as they wish.
  4. Please check the blog periodically during the week and add comments as appropriate to keep the conversation going or to answer questions others may have raised.