Endowed Scholarships

2017 - 2018
Name of Fund Criteria
The Mary Gordon Memorial Book Fund To purchase books for needy students to be placed in a kind of "lending library" for students to sign out and return at the end of a term or school year. (Judge Gordon states: "fund is to aid needy students with the securing of books for advancement of their studies."
Elijah & Mable Nelson, Bessel & Wilsie Robbins, Cherlyn Y. Nelson Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund is restricted to buy books for students who major in Religion.  Each book bought shall carry the inscription, "Purchased by "The Rev Elijah & Mable Nelson Endowment." Department in charge of fund.
Dr & Ms Fred '27 S.A. Johnson Endowed Scholarship To award a scholarship in the Social Sciences
     TLU: Combined Fund No.1 Use for scholarships for undergraduate male negro students at LU with preference to such undergraduate applicants, if any, as may be taking pre-ministerial courses. NOTE: No pre-ministerial majors. Give to any negro male students.
     TLU:  Myrtilla Miner Endowed Scholarship  Award to Black Students who are residents of Washington, DC.
     TLU: African Americal MalePublic Policy Diplomacy Awd. Benefit African American male student with the highest grade point average greater than 3.5 who has successfully completed a course of study within the University's Center for Public Policy and Diplomacy(or Political Science).
     TLU: W. Beverly CarterMemorial Scholarship Designated for qualified student majors with either International Relations or African Studies.
     TLU: Donald C. Wyatt Memorial Endowed Scholarship To provide scholarships for students studying aboard.
     TLU: John B. Spottswood, Endowed Scholarship Award to deserving students with at least a 3.0 GPA.
     TLU:Edward C. MillerEndowed Scholarship Awarded to students who demonstrate potential for success and who are in financial need to enter or complete their college work. 
     TLU: Floyd & Estelle MourningEndowed Scholarship Use for scholarships
     TLU: Louise Hess Memorial Endowed Scholarship To be used for the purpose of scholarship funds to aid worthy and deserving students of more than average ability to obtain their education.
     TLU: Rafters' CharitiesAnnual Scholarship Awarded annually to a student of good character, who has maintained at least a 2.5 GPA and who has demonstrated need for financial assistance.
     TLU: Sudarkasa-Marshall Endowed Scholarship Award to students in need.
     TLU: William Henry Burnett Scholarship Award to students from Texas
     TLU: LU Endowed Academic Scholarship Fund Donated under the condition upon use for Academic Scholarships alone, and for no other purposes.
Samuel Newhouse Endowed Scholarship  Ten scholarships will be awarded annually from income generated, at $1,000 each, depending on the availability of funds and the financial needs of the recipients. "The Newhouse scholars will be students with a declared major or a declared interest in the Humanities.  Some of the awards will be given to incoming students and some to continuing students. In the latter case, students studying Journalism (or Communications generally) will be given preference for at least two of the scholarships.  In all cases, recipients must be identified as academically talented, with at least a 'B' average overall."
      Alumni: Alumni Endowed Scholarship Award to deserving students with at least a 3.0 GPA who are in need of financial aid or Merit-based and need based awards to academically gifted students.
     Alumni: Comb Fund #3-Grads of LU  To be used for scholarships for Negro graduates of Lincoln University attending Presbyterian USA seminaries. 
     Alumni: Carl M. Mansfield Scholarship  Award to students with the greatest need and a GPA of a minimum of C+.
     Alumni: Charles K. Jessup Endowed Scholarship  Award to student with at least a 3.0 GPA who needs financial assistance.
     Alumni: Emily B. King Endowed Scholarship.  Award to students with a 3.0 who needs financial assistance.
     Alumni: Therman B. O'Daniel Endowed Scholarship Award to an English major with at least a 2.5 GPA.
     Alumni: Rogers Jr., Roland '75 Memorial Endowed  Schol. Award annually to a graduating student majoring in English, who has achieved high academic success.
      Alumni: Dr. Tomlinson Todd & Dr. Valarie Justiss Schol. Award to worthy students.
      Alumni: Edward W. Stratton Endowed Scholarship Award to students in the Biology/Philosophy and Religion Departments
      Alumni: Wyatt B. Johnson Endowed Scholarship Preference for award given to Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Beta Chapter.
     Alumni: Ralph Voorhees Endowed Scholarship  Awarded to students who are interested in studying aboard.
Students First Campaign Merit and need base scholarships
J.F. Collington '47 Endowment for Single Parent Households Scholarship Provide scholarships for single parent students who are able to maintain C+ average or better; financially needy students born in the United States.
Kennett Area Joint Action Committee (KAJAC)/M.F. Bechtold Endowed Scholarship To award annually to qualified minority students who has graduated from a high school in the area of the school districts currently known as the Kennett Consolidated School District, the Avon Grove School District, or the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District. Awardees must be a resident of one of these areas for at least the high school senior year.
Catherine B. Laws Endowed Scholarship To be used to provide financial aid to academically eligible students from the Chester-Upland School District, Delaware County, PA.
A Dream Deferred Endowed Scholarship Award 5 degree seeking students with a GPA of at least 2.7 with preference given to those with a GPA of 3.0 or higher; preference to military veteran status who are financially independent; selection recommended by Dr. Emmanuel Babatunde, Sociology Department and Ms. Jernice Lea for MHS students with financial need.
Jacqueline Bailey-Davis '00 Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship Students MUST be in the Criminal Justice Department; 2.5 GPA; students can be sophomore, junior or senior; preference given to full-time students, majoring in Criminal Justice from the City of Philadelphia; 1 male and 1 female awarded annually at least $500 each student.
Clifford Bernard Nixon Endowed Scholarship Award to students in the field of Education.
Gregory Charles Miller Endowed Scholarship To be presented to a student or students in the Biological Sciences program with a GPA of 3.0 or better and in financial need. 
James W. Jordan '88 Omega Psi Phi Beta Chapter Endowed Scholarship As long as there is an Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Chapter (Beta) on the Lincoln University campus, undergraduate members, with a 3.0 GPA or higher, to participate exclusively in the  selection process, but will not have final say in who receives the scholarships. Applicant must be a good standing member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and University with a GPA of 3.0; enrolled full time at Lincoln; one award per year for a maximum of $2,000; any suspension of the chapter, either academically or fraternally, shall suspend awards until the reinstatement of the chapter.
Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation Endowed Scholarship Full or partial scholarship support for outstanding minority students for academically worthy yet financially needed minority students that maintain a 3.0/4.0 GPA.  Financial assistance will be based solely on financial need as determined by the LU Office of Financial Aid.
PECO Endowed Arts Scholarship Income will be used to cover the cost of tuition, room and board, and books of minority students enrolled in the Lincoln University Interdisciplinary Cultural Arts Program with at least a 3.0/4.0 grad point average for students from Philadelphia region (Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Bucks, York and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania).  Assistance will be based solely on financial need as determined by the Lincoln University Office of Financial Aid.
William B. Ingram Starfish Scholarship Award Recipient must have at least a B-average.  Student should be  financially challenged. The latter standard obviously means that a student does not have to be a senior to receive the award.  Award limited to $500.
Raj Kumar Savara Memorial Endowed Scholarship Award to a full-time Lincoln University student(s) who has expressed an interest in the pursuit of a career or advanced education in the Fine Arts.  It shall be awarded on the basis of academic merit and financial need. 
The Annie R. Tinker/Kate Darling Endowed Scholarship For the purpose of "providing educational scholarships for students who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to continue their education beyond the high school level."
Jackson-Sadler Memorial Endowed Loan/Scholarship    Funds are available to students in the Physical Sciences interested in pursuing careers in, research at the Ph.D. level, dentistry or medicine. The funds will be available as one half scholarship and one half loan, to cover one half tuition.  Funds should be made available on a need basis and restricted to students selected by the faculty in the Physical Sciences on the basis of merit and promise. A total of four loan scholarships may be awarded in any one year.
Alpha Kappa Alpha  Memorial Scholarship and Technology Financial support.  No money is to be disbursed directly to the student.  Recipient must be a female in her junior year with at least a 3.0 GPA; must have demonstrated leadership skills in at least two major University recognized on-campus organizations or athletic teams;  must be a campus opinion leader. Members of Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta or Sigma Gamma Rho Sororities are ineligible for this award.  In the event that more that one student qualifies for this award, preference should be given to an out of state student.
Goro Nagase Endowed Scholarship for Mathematics and Computer Science   To give an annual award to two outstanding students equally, one in Mathematics and one in Computer Science selected by the Mathematics & Computer Science Department.
The Amaza M. Lockett Scholarships To be used for scholarships for worthy and needy students.
Class of 1963 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Based on need; potential for achievement (2.80 Cumulative GPA; completed one semester of college. Candidate must be enrolled in a degree program pursuing a Baccalaureate Degree.  The recipient must be registered as a full-time (12 semester hours or more) student, and must maintain the course load level of a full-time student throughout the semester.  Preference will be given to minority students and United States citizens.  Candidate should have demonstrated leadership abilities through extracurricular involvement in high school or college related or community organizations.
Julius ('38) and Dwight ('68) Taylor Endowed Scholarship  To be awarded to students majoring in Physics or Chemistry during their junior or senior academic years.
Audrey Brown Donaldson Endowed Scholarship To award a scholarship in Math or Science
Naomi Woodard-Smoot Endowed Scholarship  To provide scholarships to "African Americans who have lost one or both parents, yet are top students."
The William Alexander Miles, M.D., Class of 1951 Memorial Medical School Scholarship To fund an annual scholarship to benefit deserving student from each graduating class of the University who has already applied to any accredited medical school within the continental United States.  A committee comprised of the Chairman of the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Departments should determine the award winning student for this scholarship year.  The determination should be both need and merit based.
Wells Fargo Endowed Scholarship Awarded to students from Philadelphia, who demonstrate a financial need.
Price School Trust Endowed Scholarship  Scholarships for students studying Journalism, Advertising, Communications.
Drs. George E. & George D. Cannon Endowed Scholarship  To students with demonstrated need and high scholastic ability, who come from all areas of the world, but preferably non-Pennsylvania orgins.
Bennie L. Turner, III '74 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund Recipient must be a 2nd semester sophomore with at least a 2.7 GPA; must have participated in a community service project prior to entering LU; must participate in community service while enrolled at LU; can be male or female; must have or demonstrate leadership ability; the award should be based on financial need.
Thomas W.S. Logan, Sr. Scholarship for Religious Leaders Use for Religious leaders.
Kimberly A. Lloyd '94 Endowed Scholarship  Given annually to a female or male student who is classified as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, from Philadelphia, Pa.  with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, majoring in Business Administration.  Student should exhibit leadership by having been President or Vice President of an on-campus student organization.  If the student has not achieved the criteria of President/Vice President of an on-campus student organization - active membership in the organization will suffice.
Bennie L. Turner, III '74 Memorial Endowed  Scholarship  Award based on need.
Dr. Parke Atherton. Dickey Endowed Memorial Scholarship  Scholarship shall be granted to a junior or senior majoring in Finance and Banking in the Department of Economics and Business Administration.  The Department of Economics and Businesses Administration and its Finance and Banking Center shall select the recipient on the basis of a combination of scholastic achievement and service to other people. In the event that a major in Finance and Banking is no longer offered, Lincoln University may grant the scholarship to a major in economics or, if necessary, any field of study.  The University may also change the decision making process if a change in the organizational structure of the University so requires.
The George V. Hill Endowed Scholarship  To provide support for students with financial need from southern New Jersey
Washington/L.U. Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship:(DC Metro Chapter) Award scholarship(s) to students who are sophomores, juniors and seniors from the DC Metropolitan area, specifically, Washington, DC, Prince Georges County Maryland, Montgomery County Maryland or Northern Virginia having graduated from a high school or currently residing in either of those jurisdictions, and have a 2.5 GPA.  The student must be enrolled at Lincoln University full time (12 credit hours) to remain eligible.  Any disciplinary action by the University or conviction of a crime in any jurisdiction, after the scholarship award, will disqualify the candidate.  Preference will be given to individuals falling short of the necessary funding to remain in or return to Lincoln University.  The award may be renewed.  The DC Chapter may submit a list of qualifying students but will not be involved in the award process.
Dennis & Maria Miller Endowed Scholarship  To provide financial aid for a Lincoln University graduate who is enrolled full-time in graduate school. Based on academic merit and financial need.  The scholarship is renewable.  They must have held a 2.7 GPA upon graduation from Lincoln University and must pursue graduate school in any of the following disciplines: seminary, business, education. law, medicine, sciences, foreign affairs, mathematics, dentistry, accounting, or engineering.  Award must be made in the name of the student directly to their account at their graduate school. Students attending both Lincoln Graduate and Undergraduate programs with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 are included in the award.
The Amos Scholarship Award in Music Presented annually to a worthy instrumental music major or minor. Students who have exhibited significant musical talent and academic achievement (2.75 GPA minimum) as well as high potential for an exemplary career in Music.  Student must demonstrate a desire to include church music performance in his/her overall program of study.
Harold F. Grim Memorial Endowed Scholarship  Award to students entering the medical field
Orrin Clayton Suthern, II, Memorial Enduwed Music Scholarship  Award to a student majoring in music
Frederick and Margaret Fife Endowed Scholarship To award annually to a female student completing her junior year and going into her senior year with reasonable performance.
Kevy K. & Hortense M. Kaiserman Endowed Scholarship Award based on academic merit and financial need.
Tehma H. Smith '00 #12 Women's Basketball Endowment Fund To support individual scholar-athletes who are part of the Women's Basketball  Program.
Dr. James Alvin “Moose” Parker’42 Memorial  Endowed Scholarship. Award to financially need students.
Timothy C. Meyers, Sr., '21 Memorial Scholastic Endowed Scholarship Award annually to a sophomore, junior, or senior student from the state of Georgia primarily, or  any southern state secondarily, majoring in English or Classics.
Paul Robeson Endowed Fellowship  Award annually to an outstanding talented senior humanities major in drama, music, art, or religion, who has been accepted into graduate school.
Dr Jesse B Barber Endowed Scholarship Award to a junior or senior Lincoln University student in good standing, who plans to attend medical school.  Preference given to those interested in neuro-surgery.
Martin Luther King Endowed Scholarship To be awarded annually on the basis of Merit and Need.
I. Gregory Newton Memorial Endowed Scholarship To be awarded annually  to a worthy junior outstanding in the Social Sciences.
William and Winifred Bannister Endowed Scholarship Award to a deserving Philadelphian with a grade point average of 2.3 to 2.7.
DeForest Porter  Rudd Memorial Endowed Scholarship Award to a Chemistry Major
John N., '42 & Juanita T. Doggett Endowed Scholarship Awarded to worthy students interested in Early Childhood/Elementary and Pre-Theological, who will teach and/or preach
Dr. Frank 'Tick' Coleman '35 Endowed Scholarship  Award to students in need.
Ethel Della Motley Memorial Endowed Scholarship To benefit any promising, needy, male or female student; preference being given to a student from Oklahoma or from any southern state.
Prince George's County Scholarship (Camille A Exum) Endowed Scholarship To be given annually to a Lincoln University student who is from Prince Georges County Maryland; it may be female or male student who has a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and is majoring in Public Affairs or Public Policy.  The student should also exhibit good character and high moral values.
Delmas D Anderson Foreign Language Endowed Scholarship  To assist students attending Lincoln University who wish to major in Foreign Language. Students who have demonstrated successful academic performance, leadership ability, and financial need.  Consideration is made to those individuals who present a statement of future goals.
Dr. James and Beverly Scott Endowed Scholarship Unrestricted
Warren J. Wilson Memorial Endowed Scholarship  Award to a deserving Lincoln University Undergraduate student.  
Wayne Bethel '60 Endowed Scholarship Award each year to that Lincoln University student who is an African American and falls below the poverty line, based on financial aid criteria.  He/she should be a biology major, who is aspiring to enter a dental school program and has a 3.0 average or above.
Grimke Family: Angelina W., Charlotte Forten, and Nancy Weston Endowed Scholarship Assist Lincoln students as may show promise and ability in some form of literature, or such needy students that demonstrate courage and ability in striving for the progress and advancement of the Negro Race.
Leah A. Stanford Endowed Scholarship Award at the discretion of the University to a students majoring in mathematics.
Honorable Robert L. Carter '37 Endowed Scholarship 1) Recipient must be African-American; 2) must be in need of financial assistance; and 3) must exhibit high academic potential. 
PRIDE of Lincoln Fellowship Endowed Scholarship Award on the basis of academic merit and career choice. Each fall semester, two matriculating male Lincoln students with a minimum 60 credits and at least a 2.7 GPA will be welcomed into the Fellowship.
Warren E. Smith '44 Pre-Medical Scholars Award to deserving students with at least a 3.0 GPA.
Casper I. Glenn '44Track Endowed Scholarship  Benefits students on the track team.
Jacques E. Wilmore, Sr., '50 Endowed Scholarship Award to International Student who is a sophomore, junior or senior majoring in Computer Science, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology or Business.  GPA of 3.0; student(s) studying abroad in Africa, preference given to Tanzania; student(s) must be from Africa whose permanent residence is in Philadelphia, PA; student(s) born of Tanzanian parent; student(s) born to a U.S. Citizen working or living in Africa.  
Frank T. Wilson, Jr. '49 Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Psychology To assist a deserving student in financial need for meritorious achievement in Psychology; student must be a junior; must have completed not less than twelve semester hours with a cumulative GPA in his/her psychology courses of 3.0 or higher; student should be on the Dean's list (cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher) for two consecutive semesters (one year prior to nomination for the Award and on the Dean's list during the semester that the Award is given; student must show evidence of his/her intention to pursue graduate studies in psychology through the doctoral level.  Such evidence will be demonstrated by consistently high scholarship, development of independent research projects in psychology or outstanding community service in projects sponsored by the Psychology Department at Lincoln University; student should have been elected to or nominated for membership in Psi Chi, the Psychology National Honor Society; Beta Kappa Chi, or some other reputable National Honor Society in Higher Education.
Robert National Engs, Class of '41 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Award to an academically talented athlete.
Joan Mayo Memorial Endowed Scholarship  Award to a high school senior who graduates in good standing with Lincoln University's Upward Bound Program.  Preference must first go to participants completing the Bridge Program in their senior year.  
Isabel Small Endowed Scholarship Award to students in need.
Lenfest Endowed Scholarship  Art Education Scholarship support for the Visual Arts Program at the Barnes Foundation.
Chapman & Ann Bouldin Endowed Scholarship Award an annual scholarship or prize for academic excellence.  The selected students must have attended high school in the state of Pennsylvania.  Suggests only one or two students be selected to receive this award each year.
Dr. B. M. Henderson Memorial Endowed Scholarship Awarded annually to a student majoring in Biology or Environmental Science.  The student must be a rising junior or senior who has an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher.  Preference will be given to students who are planning to attend Veterinary School or who have indicated an interest in pursing a career in toxicology or a closely related area.  The student for this award will be nominated by the Department of Biology.
Dr. Herman P. "Beak" Bailey '38 Memorial Endowed Scholarship  Presented annually at the end of the sophomore year to a student who best combines athletic distinction and academic achievement (scholarship), as recommended by the members of The Athletic Department. In the case no qualified candidate emerges, the University's Financial Aid Office may select any sophomore student athlete who needs assistance in clearing his/her balance.  Student must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.
The William L. and Mary D. Eichelberger Scholarship  To provide scholarships to one or more needy, poor and disadvantaged urban students who are either pursuing or have indicated a compelling desire to pursue professional careers in one of the following disciplines: theology, medicine, dentistry, las, business, engineering, computer sciences or public administration.  Each scholarship shall be limited to a student in severe need of financial aid.  Preference for one of the scholarships each year shall be offered to a qualifying minority student, if one is available, from the geographical bounds of the PRESBYTERY OF WEST JERSEY, PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (USA), whose boundaries include the New Jersey communities of Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Cumberland County, Atlantic County and Salem County.  Second preference for such an annual scholarship is a student who has grown up within the geographical boundaries of the PRESBYTERY OF PHILADELPHIA, PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (USA).  Recipients and award amount shall be determined annually by the President and Faculty Senate, or similar body, according to whatever method is determined to be equitable and appropriate.
Dr. Clifford E. DeBaptiste '84 Masters in Human Services Endowed Scholarship  To assist a worthy student matriculating  in the Master of Human Services Program.
The Albert J. Neely, III '42 Memorial Endowed Scholarship  Award to students in need.
General Endowment Award to students in financial need.