Institutional Work Aid & Grants and Sponsored Programs - Student Employment

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Institutional Work Aid & Grants and Sponsored Programs
Position Openings: Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Nursing & Health Sciences
Openings:  1, IWA
Supervisor:  Prof. Cyrus Jones, Ext. 7382, Wellness Center
Position Description:  Maintain order and discipline among swimmers, enforce rules for safety, administer medical aid if necessary, and keep general area clean.
Skills and Abilities Required:  Must have current WSI Certification and passed HPR 230.

Research and Sponsored Programs
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Openings:  1, GSP
Supervisor: Dr. Mike Ayewoh, Ext. 7693, Wright Hall 1st floor
Position Description: Student will enhance department's website, assist with departmental projects and/or initiatives. 
Skills and Abilities Required:  Must be an upperclassmen with a minimum cumulative gpa of 3.0 ; highly detailed, knowledgeable of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.