BEST Program

What is the BEST Program about?

The Bridge to Educational Success and Transition (BEST) provides students with an opportunity to begin their college education on Lincoln University‚Äôs campus while enrolling in courses at Delaware County Community College. BEST Program participants, while officially students at Delaware County Community college (DCCC), Upon successful completion of the program students transitioned to Lincoln University.  The BEST Program denotes a partnership between Delaware County Community College and Lincoln University to provide a network of services and opportunities from which each participant shall benefit and succeed.


Grade point average and standardized test scores does not always provide a complete or accurate measurement of a student's potential for success. Lincoln University and Delaware County Community college are aware that while standard assessment tools are strong indicators of academic potential, test scores are not always indicative of a student's ability to successfully earn a degree. The BEST Program provides an alternative for students with drive and potential by providing access to two outstanding schools. Resources, strong academics, and solid support systems from both institutions along with your determination will ensure your opportunity to meet and exceed the University's admission requirements.

Must BEST Program Students live on Lincoln's campus?

YES! Students must reside on campus during the academic semester. Living in the residence halls, being a BEST program student allows you to become a part of the LU family while studying at DCCC. The program is designed to afford you the opportunity to demonstrate your academic aptitude and to maximize your potential. As a BEST Program student, you will have all the privileges afforded to Lincoln students. Students may take advantage of Lincoln's facilities, social and cultural events and all support services available. Living on campus will only enhance your full integration into LU student life. Most importantly living and learning on campus ensures you are constantly surrounded by all the amenities which support academic success. You will have fewer distractions and can focus your attention on your ultimate goal - to graduate with a baccalaureate degree. The choice is yours!

What about placement testing?

Your placement examination will be administered at Delaware County Community College (only), The dates and times will be provided.

Who will have access to my personal information?

You will be asked to sign a FERPA compliant waiver. The waiver allows DCCC and LU to legally share your student records and other personal data for administrative purposes.

What are the expectations and guidelines for participation?

You will be expected to comply with the policies and the code of student conduct for both institutions; in general, DCCC's policies and code of student conduct will apply with respect to academic and class-related issues, and LU's policies and code of student conduct will apply for non-academic and non- class-related issues.

How do I progress through the Program?

  • You must participate in the program for two consecutive semesters.
  • Academic progress in the program will be determined by DCCC standards.
  • You will be eligible to transfer to Lincoln under the following conditions:

a. completion of at least 12 credit hours, including developmental coursework, with a 2.5 or better cumulative grade point average (GPA) and in a minimum of a C in each course. (Developmental coursework will be issued only for the purposes of granting admission to LU; developmental courses work shall not transfer to LU nor shat it be included on LU academic records nor applied toward any degree at LU) or

b. completion of at least 24 credit hours, excluding developmental coursework, with a 2.0 or better GPA

c. Students transitioning to LU may be required to take a placement test and may continue in pre-college preparation courses.

  • Students who either do not complete two semesters in this program or who complete the two semesters without meeting the transfer requirements set forth in a or b, and who wish to be admitted to LU must reapply to LU when they have met the requirements for regular admission according to LU's current transfer admission criteria.
  • Students who leave the program without either transferring to LU or completing two semesters may reapply for admission to either institution in accordance with the institution's current admission procedures, but are not eligible for admission in accordance with the provisions of a above.


How much will it cost?

You will pay no more than any other first-time freshman. Tuition will be paid to DCCC. Your fees, housing orientation and program participation fee will be paid to LU. Please see list of expected costs.

**All costs shown are for 2014 only and are subject to change**


Delaware County Community College Costs  
Application Fee $25 Non-refundable
Sponsoring $105 per credit
Non-sponsoring $209 per credit
Out of State $313 per credit
Lincoln University Costs  
Acceptance Fees $275 Non-refundable
Meal Plan $2025
Housing $2317
LU Fees (PA Students) $1080
LU Fees (Out of State) $1435
Health Insurance To be Determined
Freshman Orientation Fee $75
Personal Property Insurance Fee $120 estimate
Books and Miscellaneous Supplies $1400 estimate
* Waived with proof of private insurance  

I'm ready! What do I need to do?

You have made the RIGHT choice! Contact the BEST Program Special Programs Coordinator at 800-790-0191 to answer any questions and to receive your application/information package.