Survey Feedback

The Lincoln University community was invited to share their input regarding the presidential search in a survey that was broadly distributed to a wide range of stakeholders.  The feedback received is reflected in the position description and will also be used to guide the interview process.  A summary of the survey responses is provided below:

The top three priorities facing the new President for the next two years:

  • Academic quality and innovation
  • Financial management and stability
  • Student retention and success

The five most important characteristics that would enable the next President of Lincoln University to succeed in moving the institution forward:

  • Ability to develop and promote a vision for Lincoln University
  • Ability to build a strong executive team and cabinet
  • Demonstrated financial and strategic planning skills
  • Demonstrated ability to raise funds
  • Personal integrity

Several themes emerged from among the numerous comments provided in the survey responses.  These included:

  • There needs to be a continued focus on engaging alumni to better leverage their dedication and loyalty.  One example is to help recruit quality students, especially those outside of Pennsylvania.  There is also an opportunity to have more involvement with alumni to enhance fundraising.
  • The curriculum should continue to be upgraded to provide offerings that better prepare students for continued education or employment. 
  • The next president should build a stable and committed team to assure the University is well-positioned to make significant improvements and move forward.
  • The profile and ranking of the school needs to be elevated.  Lincoln University should occupy a leadership position in the academic community and is in need of a leader who is visible, vocal and highly regarded in his or her field.  This is needed for Lincoln to gain the recognition and accolades it so richly deserves.  A focus on marketing and public relations to enhance the visibility of Lincoln University should be a high priority.
  • Student achievement and success is also a high priority.  An increase in enrollment should also result in an increase in retention and a focus on student achievement and success.
  • Enhancing and strengthening the financial stability of the university is a major priority.
  • Students would like to see a focus on their needs and improvements in financial aid, the availability of dormitory rooms for those who live on campus, improvements in dining options, and overall services available to students.
  • Lincoln University has an opportunity to leverage its location and pursue economic development opportunities in the surrounding area.  A focus on community outreach and seeking out partnerships and opportunities for Lincoln should be a priority for the incoming president.
  • Among Lincoln’s advantages is the family-oriented environment.  The tight knit community provides the nurturing that helps students succeed.  Many staff members have been a part of the campus for several years and this attests to their loyalty to the university and their commitment to the students.
  • There is acknowledgement of the pride, history and legacy of Lincoln University and the unique qualities of the HBCU experience.  There is also recognition, however, that the university must also be focused on the future while acknowledging its historical legacy.