RN-BSN Nursing program Frequently Asked Questions

Is the RN-BSN program full-time? 

The RN to BSN program is a part-time program only.  Students enroll in either the hybrid or online component. There are a total of ten-cohort course blocks required to complete the program.  The course blocks are on a rolling calendar. You can complete the program in less than 2 years.  Each block will run for seven weeks with a week break during each block. Course breaks will also align with the school calendar, i.e. faculty recesses occurring during the fall break, the holiday season, and spring break. Cohorts may start in the fall and spring semesters, and during the summer I and summer II sessions. Students will remain within their cohort and progress through each block sequentially throughout the program. In the event a student withdraws from a course block or requires a break, they will be allowed to resume the program with the next available cohort in sequence.

The hybrid curriculum will be sequential using a 7-1-7 accelerated course block schedule. Hybrid courses have a face-to-face and online component.  During the 7-week period, students meet one evening every other week. Alternate weeks have online instruction and student participation.

The online curriculum offers 100% online instruction and student participation.

Once you have accepted an offer, you will work with the RN-BSN coordinator to develop your part-time plan of study.


Is the RN-BSN program accredited?

Yes, we have CCNE accreditation and have licensure from the PA State Board of Nursing.


Are there courses that require clinical hours?
All the courses have a field experience or practical experience component.  The final course- NUR 460 Capstone senior seminal practicum has a clinical component, which can be completed at your place of employment or a healthcare facility near you. You will be required to obtain your own Master’s prepared mentor for the final clinical practicum

Why choose Lincoln’s RN to BSN program?

  • Lincoln University offers the both options of hybrid or online
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Individualized learning and learner support
  • Clinical practicums tailored to meet your needs
  • Competitive tuition rates

Will the program prepare me for advanced graduate-level education?
The RN to BSN program is designed to provide you the critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and analytical skills needed to advance your career. The holistic focus of the program challenge our students to take an active role in meeting the increasing complexities of healthcare affecting local, national, and global communities.

What are the requirements to enter the RN-BSN program?

Returning RNs must have:

  • All pre-requisite lower level courses complete (click here)
  • GPA of 3.0 in all NUR courses
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.7
  • Proof of current unencumbered RN licensure
  • Application to the Lincoln University
  • Application to the nursing programs
  • Clearances required for select nursing courses

For a comprehensive list of requirements contact the RN-BSN coordinator, Dana Wallace 365-484-7707 or dwallace@lincoln.edu.

Do I have to have my RN license before I apply to the program? 

No. However, you will need to have your RN license by the time that you begin classes. You will not be allowed to enroll in any RN to BSN classes without a copy of your license on file in the Nursing Office.


Application Process

Where do I get an application? 
Applications are available online and from the Nursing Office.

Are applications accepted on a rolling admissions basis? 

Yes. Students are admitted for the fall and spring semesters and Summer I and Summer II sessions.

What are the applications deadlines?

Application submission deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall semester: July 1
  • Spring semester: November 1
  • Summer I session: March 1
  • Summer II: May 1


What kind of financial aid do you offer? 

  • Federal Student aid program
  • State-funded student aid program
  • Employer tuition reimbursement
  • Scholarships

*Financial aid is available to those who qualify. 

All financial aid for undergraduate students at Lincoln University is administered through the Lincoln University financial aid office.

How many credits do I need to complete before applying? 

RN to BSN applicants need to have all 59 general education requirements completed by the time they enroll in classes at Lincoln University.

How can I find out if the courses I have taken will transfer to Lincoln’s nursing program?

The RN-BSN coordinator/ advisor will assist you during your initial program plan discussion.

What are the graduation requirements?

  • Competion of 120 credits
  • GPA of 3.0 in all NUR courses
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.7

Do I get any credit for my previous nursing education?

30 transfer credits will be awarded to you if you graduated from an accredited Associate degree or diploma program.

For additional information on admission to and programs of study at the Lincoln University Nursing program, contact the RN-BSN coordinator, Dana Wallace - 484-365-7707