COVID-19 Response

Individuals who are confirmed as “positive” must isolate away from the general community based on their vaccination status: 

Vaccinated:       10 days minimum 
Unvaccinated:   14 days minimum 

Notification Process

  1. An email will be sent from to check result in the portal
  2. A health services representative or testing staff will contact a member to discuss the “Order to Isolate” 
  3. A dedicated COVID support staff member (LPN or RN) will provide 24-hour care for students relocated for isolation and the have following resources:
  4. Bedding item (linen, pillow, sheets) 
  5. Personal Hygiene Kits (upon request)
  6. Medication (pain reliever, cough drops, etc.)

To be released from isolation, a member must complete the minimum number of days and be free of all symptoms. 

Order to Isolate Notice