Religious Activities

We are Living The Legacy Life at Lincoln University’s Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel

Rev. Faison

We Are Intentional About Being Relational

Through its contribution to Student Affairs and Enrollment, the Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel supports the educational mission of Lincoln University. A major goal of the Chapel is to serve as a moral compass at the institution. As much, the Chapel encourages in the student a desire to enter and contribute to the development of “community” on campus and in the larger world. The Chapel is also the spiritual resource for the administration, faculty and the staff of Lincoln University.

The Chapel positively supports the student’s development of scholarship, leadership, character and civility through programming which fosters and sustains spiritual growth and expression. In addition, the Chapel encourages a respect for, and appreciation of a variety of worship experience and faith traditions, there encouraging a culture of religious tolerance.

Participating in A Concert of Care

The Chapel is a learning laboratory complementing the student’s intellectual development in the classroom with worship experiences that enable opportunity for the practical application of skills that are important to personal success. The student is actively involved in the conception and implementation of Chapel programs. This involvement facilitates development of the student’s communication skills such as critical thinking, organization and presentation of projects and effective spoken and written English expressions. These transferable skills support the student’s career and professional interests.

The Chapel recognizes and embraces the diverse and ever changing student population. Therefore, we are intentional in seeking to expose, teach and discuss subjects that deal with spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of the lives of college students facing the 21st century.

The University Chaplain, Chaplain Assistants, student leaders, Lincoln Administrators and various Faith Development National scholars and theologians teach and lead in both the Sunday morning worship experience as well as Bible Study, conferences and seminars.

Advancing in Character, Leadership & Service

The Chapel is an anchor for Lincoln alumni. It is a focal point for alumni relations, encouraging fidelity to Lincoln Traditions, helping to provide a vital nexuses for present and past students and urging alumni support for future growth and development of the University. Finally, the chapel is ambassador for the university. Through its program on and off the campus, inclusive of enjoying Philadelphia’s rich culture of plays, historical monuments and entertainment, the Chapel also sponsors a variety of joint ministries, concerts, revivals and leadership trainings. The chapel positively represents Lincoln University and generates support for the institution.

Religious Activities
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Guest Preachers & Theologians
  • Faith Development
  • Cultural Activities
  • Friday Night Live
  • Faith-based Student Conferences
  • Gospel Concerts
  • Community Outreach
  • Chat-N-Chew
Ministries and Services
  • Joint Ministries Official Board/JMOB
  • Angelic Voices of Praise
  • Lincoln University Gospel Choir
  • Praise Dance Ministry
  • Drama Team
  • Hospitality
  • Men of Purpose (Men's Ministry)
  • Lilies of Lincoln (Women's Ministry)
  • Evangelistic Outreach Ministry
  • Ministry of Care
  • International Ministry
  • Muslim Student's Association

Office Address: Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel
Frederick T. Faison Rev. Frederick T. Faison, M.Ed., M.Div., Ed.D. Chaplain, Director of Religious Activities, Division of Student Success 484-365-8075
  • Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel First Floor
Maxine Cook Program Assistant for Student Success, Health and Wellness 484-365-7274
  • Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel First Floor