Project Success Internship Program

About Project Success Internship Program

This is a Lincoln University internal internship program. All positions are housed within Lincoln University departments.  In addition to working with internal departments, Project Success also supports the placement of Lincoln University Students in select paid external internship opportunities. 

Internship opportunities increase professional development skills and provide experience that will prepare them for full-time employment in their field of study as well as affording them the opportunity to consider graduate school. The Project Success internship initiative was created to engage students in practical, educationally purposeful experiences in professional, work-related settings that connect to or complement students’ academic and career goals.

Spring 2022 Project Success internship applications are now closed. Please visit this site for intern spotlights and for upcoming program information.

  Intern Position Descriptions

Project Success spring applications are now closed. 


  Professional Development Calendar

To see more details, click on the calendar item.

  Intern Professional Development Form

As a Project Success Intern, you are required to participate in professional development.  After you have completed each professional development activity, complete the Intern Professional Development Form.


  Intern Time and Attendance Report

You are required to complete you intern time and attendance report each week.  Your supervisor will approve your time and attendance each Thursday.