Anthropology, Sociology and Criminal Justice Department

The Department of Anthropology,, Sociology and Criminal Justice makes it possible for students to graduate from Lincoln University confident in their ability to help shape a more humane world by putting their disciplinary knowledge to work in the fields such as human services, law, business, government, and community development, or by pursuing graduate studies. The programs housed in the department are all designed to provide students with a solid understanding of social processes, social institutions, and the linkages between the individual and the larger society. The department offers majors in Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice. Students may elect to pursue either a Bachelor of Arts degree, which is recommended for students considering postgraduate, professional or academic study, or a Bachelor of Science degree, which is generally career-oriented.

Departmental Honors

Students majoring in the Department are eligible for the departmental honors program if they have attained Junior status, have a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 3.3, and have completed three departmental courses with a grade of B+ or better. The requirements for graduating with Departmental Honors are:

  • Complete an Independent Research/Study project (SOC-495) on an advanced topic in his/her major under the supervision of a departmental faculty member.
  • Have an overall cumulative G.P.A. of 3.3 or better
  • Have an G.P.A. of 3.3 or better in his/her major
  • Earn a Bachelor of Arts degree (Intermediate II (202) of any foreign language)
  • Earn a B+ or better in the following courses:
    • SOC - 305 Research Methods 
    • SOC - 306 Social Statistics
    • SOC - 410 Senior Seminar
  • Earn a B+ or better in the following course:
    • Sociology Majors: SOC 318 - Sociological Theory
    • Criminal Justice Majors: SOC 315 - Courts and Corrections
    • Human Services Majors: SOC 310 - Human Growth and Develop

Foreign Language Requirements/University Core Curriculum

All Departmental Majors must take 2 consecutive semesters of a foreign language, which will fulfill the language requirement of the University Core Curriculum.


Phone: 484-365-7543
Office Address: John Miller Dickey Hall Suite 300
Emmanuel Babatunde Emmanuel Babatunde, Ph.D. Chair and Professor, Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice 484-365-7545
  • John Miller Dickey Hall Room 304
Yolanda Echevarria Yoli Echevarria '15 Department Assistant, Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice 484-365-7543
  • John Miller Dickey Hall Room 305

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