Computer Science Department

Welcome to the website for the Department of Computer Science.

The mission of the Department of  Computer Science is to provide students with an enriching foundation in Computer Science with a focus on global applications to ensure that they are well prepared to compete successfully for careers or graduate studies.

The Department offers the students with an academic experience that develops core Computer Science knowledge and skills throughout its curriculum with a student-centered approach to teaching and learning. Our faculty-supervised research is geared towards increasing the participation of a diverse group of student populations, especially the underrepresented groups in these areas of study such as African-Americans and women. Our innovative teaching approaches targeting core courses prepares our students for the ever-evolving technological advancements.


Phone: 484-365-7445
Office Address: Ivory V. Nelson Science Center Room 232
Ali Barimani Ali Barimani, MS Department Chair and Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science 484-365-7442
  • Ivory V. Nelson Science Center Room 222
Martha Parisan Department Assistant, Department of Computer Science 484-365-8111
  • Ivory V. Nelson Science Center Room 218