Gifts of Stock - Advancement Instructions

Lincoln University Brokerage Account Information for Gifts of Stock


Electronic Transfer

If the security is eligible for transfer by The Depository Trust Company (DTC), instruct your broker to deliver the assets using the following instructions:

DTC: 0226 – National Financial Services
Client Account Number: AB2-037178
Name: Lincoln Univ.

For securities not eligible for DTC delivery – Send a stock certificate:

  1. Complete a stop power form.  Please leave the “transfer to” section blank.
  2. Send the stock power form under separate cover than the certificate to State Street at the address listed below:

    State Street Global Markets
    Attn: Fred Menis
    One Lincoln Street, 5th Fl.
    Boston, MA 02111
  3. If the certificate has already been re-registered to the recipient, please include the recipient corporate resolution.
  4. The process of transferring the certificate to the recipient’s name may take up to four weeks.  If DTC-eligible, we suggest you transfer the stock electronically.

In order to facilitate the transfer and acknowledgement of your stock gift, please notify is of your name, the name of the stock and the number of shares being donated before you transfer the stock.  Of course, we will respect the wishes of the donors who prefer not to have their name publicly disclosed.

Brokerage contacts

  • Fred Menis – 617-664-6278
  • Chris Scharver – 617-664-8426