Languages & Literature Department

By studying the world’s finest literary and cultural contributions, students in the Department of Languages & Literature gain essential insights into themselves and others, and acquire a competitive edge as they face the social, intellectual, and political challenges of the day

The programs of study in this department focus on major world languages and their literature.  The department offers the B.A. in English Liberal Arts, with special tracks in Pre-Law, Creative Writing, and Literary Studies, as well as the B.A. in French, and Spanish, with minors in Arabic, English, French,  Japanese, and Spanish.

All department majors lead to a B.A. degree that prepares students for further study in graduate of professional school, and for careers in education, law, writing/editing, and international relations

The English Liberal Arts major leads to a B.A. degree that prepares students for careers that demand strong skills in critical thinking, written and oral communication, and textual analysis.  It encourages further study in graduate or professional school by providing quality education in three areas: Creative Writing, Literature, and Pre-law.

The Creative Writing Track focuses on the study and creation of four major literary genres: fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and screenwriting. It fosters interest in the literary arts while at the same time training students for professional positions that demand strong language skills.

The Literature track emphasizes the study of the major works written in English, especially those of the British, the American, and the African-American literary traditions.

The Pre-Law track is designed for students who plan on attending law school with a writing-intensive,research focused program. The track also provides room for a minor in an appropriate secondary field, such as History, Philosophy, or Political Science.

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