Physical Plant

The Physical Plant office handles campus maintenance and operations, custodial services, grounds management and transportation support for campus functions and events.

To request specific assistance, please contact our office or complete the applicable form below and return to our office.

Physical Plant Maintenance/Project Updates


Maintenance Items

  • Elevators

    • Nothing has been reported
  • ​HVAC  

    • ​Nelson Science Center - RTU #5 that controls cooling on all three floors is currently not operating. Our HVAC contractor is working on repairs to that unit.​   

Other Projects

  • Nothing to Report

+ Submit a Work Order

To request building maintenance or report a problem, please use the provided link for the WebTMA Work Order system and complete the required information.  Users will be provided with a Service Request # at the time of submission (this is not a work order #).  All submitted Service Requests will be reviewed throughout the day, Monday through Friday during normal working hours.  If the Service Request is accepted, an automated email will be sent to the user with the Work Order # referenced. 

All accepted work orders will have a priority of “Routine” assigned to them and will have 10 days for completion. The need for additional parts or outside contractor support may extend the completion timeline.  The work order will be updated with information regarding the status or completion.

Please note: The priority of “Urgent” or “Emergency” will only be assigned to a Work Order by the Physical Plant team. 

If the Service Request is rejected, an explanation for the rejection will be provided. 

The work order system should not be used for events and/or resource requests.  All event and resource requests need to be submitted through AstraSchedule for proper approval.

Submit a Work Order

+ Submit a Vehicle/Bus Request


Currently, all university-sponsored, connected, or funded travel outside of Pennsylvania by faculty and staff is suspended until further notice. Non-university-sponsored, connected, or funded domestic and international are still strongly discouraged. This decision will be updated based on international, national, state, and local guidance.

To request a vehicle or bus reservation, please use the provided link for the Lincoln University Fleet Reservation System and complete all required information. First time users will be required to sign up and create a username and password. As a reminder, you must be 25 years of age to operate a Lincoln University vehicle and have successfully completed the University’s Driver Safety Training for Driver Authorization.

**For first time users of the system, click the SIGN UP NOW! on the main page or click here.

Please refer to the User Guide for additional resources regarding the use of the new Fleet Reservation System.

Submit a Vehicle/Bus Request

Phone: 484-365-8061
Office Address: Maintenance Building Physical Plant
Amy Taylor Director of Facilities, Office of the Physical Plant 484-365-8061
  • Maintenance Building Physical Plant
Ian Barnett Custodial Manager, Office of the Physical Plant 484-365-7300
  • Maintenance Building Physical Plant
Jennifer McKaughan Senior Administrative Assistant, Office of the Physical Plant 484-365-7556
  • Maintenance Building Physical Plant
Jake Liney Assistant Maintenance Manager, Office of the Physical Plant 484-365-7116
  • Maintenance Building Physical Plant
Henry Smith Maintenance Manager, Office of the Physical Plant 484-365-7103
  • Maintenance Building Physical Plant
Colton Turns Grounds Manager, Office of the Physical Plant 484-365-7121
  • Maintenance Building Physical Plant