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The earliest catalogue in the Lincoln University Archives is dated 1865-66, with the printing date of 1866. This date, and the title, "Lincoln University (Formerly Ashmun Institute), suggest that its publication coincided with the official name change from Ashmun Institute to Lincoln University, which occurred in April 1866.

Catalogues were apparently not published every year, as handwritten notes on some early catalogues indicate gaps in publication rather than missing issues. In the 20th century, combined catalogues intended to cover two or more years became more common.

Until 1918-19 the catalogues were published as stand-alone publications. Starting in 1918-19, the annual catalogue was published as an issue of the campus newsletter, the Lincoln University Herald.

When the name of the newsletter changed in 1936 to the Lincoln University Bulletin, the name of the college catalogue also changed.

Preservation microfilming and digitization of the early catalogues (nineteenth century and early twentieth century) and the Lincoln University Bulletin catalogue issues was funded by a 2006 grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

Preservation microfilming and digitization of the Lincoln University Herald catalogue issues was funded by a gift from Marc D. Pevar, Class of 1967, and Susan Gunn Pevar.

Service copies of the microfilms are available for viewing in the Pennsylvania Archives, Harrisburg, PA.



  • 19th Century (1865-1900)
  • Early 20th Century (1900-1918)
  • LU Herald (1918-1936)
  • LU Bulletin (1936-2007)
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