Program Registration - SSD

Step One:     Self-Identify with the Office of Student Support Services

Students must self-identify and/or disclose their disability to the Office of Student Support Services to be considered for Services and accommodations by completing the Self-Identification Form.

After a student self-identifies, the Coordinator will provide them with an SSD packet of information which includes an SSD Student Intake Application, Consent to Release Information Form, Documented Disability Form, and a host of other materials and information related to the program.

Step Two:     Intake and Assessment

Students must meet with Coordinator to complete intake and assessment.  During intake and assessment the student must openly discuss with the Coordinator how their disability affects a major life activity or impede their academic success.  

Step Three:  Review of Formal Documentation

Coordinator will review the formal documentation received on the student’s behalf from physical or a licensed professional and make a determination whether documentation is acceptable.

Step Four:    Confidential Memo of Accommodations and/or Medical Disability Alert

Students with disabilities or special needs that require classroom accommodations will be issued a Confidential Memo of Accommodations that will include all of the support services and accommodations that the student has been determined eligible to receive based on the results of their intake, assessment, and appropriate documentation.  

A Confidential Memo of Accommodations will be prepared for each instructor of each class the student is enrolled.  Students must personally deliver the Confidential Memo of Accommodations to their individual professors and are encouraged to speak with their instructors about their disability.
The professor must sign the Confidential Memo of Accommodations agreeing to the terms contained within and retain the white copy for their record.  The students must retain the yellow copy and return the pink copy to the Office of Student Support Services.   Please note:  If a student fails to return pink copy to the Office of Student Support Services, the student's file becomes insufficient and the office will be hindered in the type of assistance that they can provide to the student if a problem(s) arises. 

Students with disabilities or conditions that require notification to administrative or academic departments (i.e., chronic medical conditions, psychological or mental disabilities) will be issued a Medical Disability Alert with details outlining special accommodations required.