Website Management

Lincoln University practices a decentralized website updating model where units are responsible for updating the information within their own pages. The web content manager in the Office of Information Technology works with units to ensure they have an employee trained to make updates and assists with complex updates or webpage reorganization. 

University units are responsible for monitoring their own website pages and ensuring that they have an employee trained and assigned to make updates as needed. When that employee is unavailable or needs assistance, the website updates may be submitted to the web content manager via to be updated. Please allow at least two business days for the web content manager to make updates due to the high volume of requests.

The web content manager also holds web editing orientation regularly.

Your request should be acknowledged within 24 hours of standard University operating days.  If you do not receive a response from within 48 hours, please do not hesitate to follow up.


How to Request Changes to the Website

  1. Draft an email to
  2. Include the site link of the page where you want your content added
    1. When requesting a new page, provide the URL where the new page should be linked from
  3. Include the language that you want to be added exactly as you wish it to appear. See tips below for writing for the web.
  4. Include any photos, PDFs, or documents that you want to use. 
  5. In addition to naming files correctly, all PDFs and Word documents should have the name of the author/director, office, and date in the footer. This ensures that it is clear which version is in use. 
  6. If the content is provided to go into a webpage, please provide it in Word format.  PDFs will be linked directly.

Use the Website Update Submission Form to update content for your Unit of the University 

Use our Website Feedback Form if you have a  comment or question about the University website.


Units are responsible for submitting changes to their personnel's directory listings to All full-time Lincoln University employees are included in the directory. Select Aramark and Thompson Hospitality personnel are included at the discretion of the vice president for finance and administration. Temporary employees may be included at the discretion of their supervisor. Students, adjunct professors, and consultants/contracted staff are not included in the directory. To contact adjunct professors, use Outlook's email search function or contact the adjunct professor's department via phone. 

The directory contains the following information for individuals: 

  1. Title, as listed on the contract with Human Resources
  2. Unit name
  3. Building and room number
  4. Honorific to include before the name (examples are Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr.).
  5. If applicable: graduate degree or another professional credential
  6. Optional: Photo* or bio
  7. Optional: Lincoln University graduates may include their degree year

*Photos should be professional in appearance. Photos are headshots only. The University reserves the right to request an alternate photo. 

Naming Files

When naming documents, PDFs or photos remember to:

  1. Keep the names short (under 20 characters is ideal),
  2. Use only lowercase letters or numbers,
  3. Use hyphens if needed (avoid spaces, underscores, and periods), and 
  4. Include the year or school year where necessary. Example: grad-letter-2016 or application2015-16  
  Tips for Web Content and Design
  • Use Lincoln’s official colors:
            Orange format as: red = 249, green = 107, blue = 7
            Blue format as: red = 18, green = 42, blue = 109
  • H1 tag for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that’s the page title and
    shouldn’t be used anywhere else on your page. H2 and h3, h4. – These are the headers you should use…in this order.
    Don’t put a header4 before a header 2.   See the example below:   

  • Don’t stretch logos, wordmarks, or images
  • Avoid huge images: Consider mobile users and download times.
  • Breakout text. Users are less likely to read paragraphs of text. Use headers and bullets. Be succinct.
  • Avoid the overuse of the Lincoln logo and/or wordmark. Use it once in a PDF or Word document. 
  • To add a hyperlink highlight text, then control K and copy the URL into the link box. See below the Style Guide and branding page.
  • Refer to the Style Guide for additional standards on how to provide written information.
  • Refer to the branding page for additional formats and information.