Annual Giving

Annual Giving raises funds for academic excellence Lincoln and reaches out to alumni, friends, parents, students, and faculty and staff to encourage their lasting connection and involvement with campus.

You may choose to designate your annual gift to any of the funds supporting students, faculty or research in any of the University's departments or programs. Thousands of donors contribute millions of dollars each year, with their generosity touching virtually every area on campus. These gifts are essential for fulfilling the efforts for Lincoln to enable its student’s to Learn. Liberate. and Lead. 

Why Give?

There are many reasons to support Lincoln University. Here are a few to consider:  

Tuition and state funds are not enough.

Tuition only covers X of the cost of education at Lincoln and state funds don't make up the difference. Community support is critical to helping hard-working, low-income students access higher education. Funding for cutting-edge technologies and quality faculty are vital for Lincoln students to Learn. Liberate. And Lead.

Your Gift Counts.

No matter where you designate your gift. No matter the size of your gift. IT COUNTS! Students at Lincoln thrive when they know that donors support a program, scholarship and/or facility that is shaping their future.

Increase the value of a Lincoln degree.

When national rankings are calculated by decision makers, alumni giving is a key factor. If you are a graduate of Lincoln, your gift will help increase Lincoln's rankings and reputation, thereby increasing the value of your degree.

Open doors of opportunity.

Many Lincoln students are the first in their family to pursue a college degree, and many others could not afford a college education without scholarship assistance. Your gift to Lincoln helps students of all backgrounds access higher education.

Help Lincoln attract major gifts and grants.

Foundations and corporations often consider private support to be an indication of merit. For example, they may look at the percent of alumni giving, the percent of employee giving and the total dollars raised each year when evaluating a grant application. Your gift sends a signal to these outside funders that Lincoln is worthy of their support.

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