Student Philanthropy Council

phi•lan•thro•py -  noun
   1. the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money.

Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) is a new united effort each class year developed to advance philanthropy on campus through training, programming, and giving.

Working under the course of the Office of Institutional Advancement, the SPC is comprised of a representative on each class board currently at the University as well as a representative from the current SGA. The goals and intent is to encourage students to give as a class year towards need based student scholarships.

The SPC team board increases involvement in the importance of improvement, raising money, and leadership.

Students: WE NEED YOU!

Our purpose is to educate, engage, and excite students about the importance and impact of donor support so that they will continue the tradition of Alumni giving for future generations of Lincoln students.

  • Educate

. . . to educate Lincoln University students about the importance and impact of donor support.

  • Engage

. . . to engage students in the act of philanthropy, building a culture of philanthropy on campus, and supporting the values and mission of the University.

  • Excite

. . . to excite students about participating in their Class Campaign, a tradition of giving where students are in friendly competition of other class years to see who can raise the most money in the school year. With chances to earn Lincoln para and other opportunities available, students become really creative in their efforts of giving.

For more information, contact Rich Lancaster, III, MLD '12 at or 484-365-7252. 

  Why Give?

You: “I already pay tuition; why should I give Lincoln more money?”

Tuition and fees provide on a portion of the University's annual revenue.  As with state funding, the University relies on donations to help fill the gaps where financial support is needed but can't be provided by state funding and tuition and fees.

Seeing our students and alumni support the University will help encourage others to contribute also.  Additionally, our alumni participation figure weighs into the U.S. News and World Report's annual ranking of national universities.

You: “Why does Lincoln need private money?”

Only some of the University's funding comes from tuition, fees, and state funding.  The remaining must be donated from loyal alumni, friends, companies, foundations, parents, and even students.

  Battle of the Classes

Led by the Student Philanthropy Council, our Student Campaign spreads the awareness of the importance of your financial contributions to the University.  We want to help everyone understand the important role our donors have in sustaining the University as whole, and want you (our future alumni!) to learn the importance of giving back.

We ask students of each class to support the University with a gift that is comfortable for them structured to increase as they matriculate through Lincoln.


Freshmen give $5       
Sophomores give $10
Juniors give $15
Seniors give in correlation with their class year.. $25

In addition to knowing you did something to make an impact at Lincoln, students will receive special recognition for giving!

What will my gift of $5, $10, $15, $25, or even $100 really do?

All gifts make a difference.  Even gifts that may seem small to you will combine with similar gifts from tens of thousands of other students, alumni, parents, and friends of the University to create a large impact.  Many donors may have thought their gifts were small, but when combined with other gifts, they were able to provide a lot of support for Lincoln.

Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

  2019 Class Gift

Congratulations, Class of 2019!

Thanks to your hard work and dedication at Lincoln University, you are ready to graduate. There’s a lot to do before you leave campus, but we hope you’ll find to time to participate in the Class of 2019 Gift.

Your year, your gift

As you know, the sacred grounds of Lincoln have been walked by many of greats. These great individuals participated in the long standing tradition of giving back; it is the duty of all alumni.  Join your fellow seniors in shaping the experience of future Lincoln Lions.

All seniors are encouraged to honor your graduation year with a contribution of $25 to any fund that you care about the most, we encourage student scholarships. Give $25 or more in fiscal year 18-19 and you will receive Philanthropy Cords to wear during commencement, recognizing you as a student donor.

Give to what you love

When you give to a specific scholarship or fund, it’s a particularly meaningful way to support the University and allow future students to benefit from opportunities similar to those you enjoyed. Whether you give to athletics, your academic major, a student organization, or another area you’re interested in, you can support a cause you’re passionate about that has helped define your Lincoln pride.


Can the Class of 2019 set the bar high? We have set an ambitious goal for the class to reach $2,019 for the class gift. You can do it!

Start your giving record out strong. Make your gift online through our secure giving website, at As a donor, you will be recognized on the “Honor Roll of Donors” on the University website and in the Lion Magazine.

  Philanthropy Cords

The Philanthropy Cord is an orange and blue cord worn as a symbol of philanthropic pride that graduating students wear at Commencement. With a gift of $25 or more, students will earn a Philanthropy Cord and contribute to the Senior Class gift to establish a fund to support Lincoln University students who need financial assistance.

These special group of seniors will be noted as an Orange & Blue Student Donor.

All payments are due on or before May 4. Philanthropy Cords will be distributed Saturday, May 5 in the ICC at rehearsal and prior to baccalaureate.