Business & Entrepreneurial Studies Department

The Department of Business and Entrepreneurial Studies provides students with a solid theoretical and practical foundation in four business disciplines: Accounting, Finance, Information Technology and Management.

Students who complete a course of study in any of the major disciplines will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to transition successfully into and effectively compete in the private, public and international sectors.

Students with goals to pursue graduate studies, enter professional certification programs beyond the Bachelor's degree, and who plan to develop and build entrepreneurial enterprises are provided with the tools to fulfill their career aspirations.


Phone: 484-365-7394
Office Address: John Miller Dickey Hall Room 243
William K. Dadson William K. Dadson, Ph.D Interim Chair and Professor, Business & Entrepreneurial Studies 484-365-7191
  • John Miller Dickey Hall Room 242
LaTania Smith Department Assistant, Department of Business & Entrepreneurial Studies 484-365-7394
  • John Miller Dickey Hall Room 243