Health Services

Health Clearance

All forms will be sent to your LINCOLN email account.

New students will need to submit the following:

How to Submit Forms

  • Forms may be submitted via email to or fax at 484-365-7287. 
  • All information should be submitted prior to arrival on campus.

Request Health Records

To request health records be sent to Lincoln University health services from another institution or to have records sent from Lincoln University health services, please fill out the Medical Release of Information form

The Office of Health Services provides medical and health education services and programs for the University community that will meet the primary healthcare needs of the student, enhance personal growth and development, and support other University missions and goals. Health Services staff will evaluate and treat currently enrolled students for illness and injury. Our office is also responsible for assuring that all prospective students are cleared for admission. 

Health Services is staffed with Registered Nurses, a Licensed Physician, and a Department Assistant. Our physician is available three (3) days a week. Registered Nurses will assess students to determine the need to see the physician. Students will be seen by appointment only, except in rare cases of emergency. Additionally, Registered Nurses will administer allergy injections to students who provide their serums along with dosing and administration instructions. Appointments should be scheduled during the hours when the physician is on duty, and students are required to remain in Health Services for 20 minutes to ensure no adverse reactions (even if they have had, or have been getting allergy injections in the past). Depo-Provera injections will also be administered to females who provide the prescribed medication. All medical care and treatment is kept confidential in accordance with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules.

All students who are enrolled at Lincoln University must show proof of medical insurance; otherwise, they are required to obtain Accident and Sickness Coverage through Lincoln University.

If a student requires hospital treatment or is referred to an outside physician in the local area or the laboratory, they will be required to show proof of said medical coverage for billing purposes. Health Services and  Lincoln University will not assume any liability for healthcare and/or medical costs incurred by students. All students enrolled at The University are eligible for medical care and treatment in Health Services at no cost. There is a fee ($10) for some over-the-counter and prescription medications, however, most over-the-counter medications will be supplied at no cost to the student.

In addition to direct medical care, the Staff Nurses promote and educate The University on various health initiatives, are available to lecture as guests, and collaborate with other departments on health-related topics. They also act as consultants in collaboration with the Chester County Health Department for public health issues.

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m to 9 p.m.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tuesday and Friday from 9 a.m to 4 p.m.
Closed for lunch from noon to 1 p.m. daily
We are closed during ALL convocations.

Mailing address
Lincoln University Health Services
1570 Baltimore Pike
Wellness Center, Suite 100
Lincoln University, PA 19352-0999

Phone: 484-365-7338
Office Address: Wellness Center 100
Velva Greene-Rainey Mrs. Velva Greene-Rainey RN Director and Head Nurse, Office of Health Services 484-365-7335
  • Wellness Center Suite 100
Theresa Pepe Mrs. Theresa Pepe Program Assistant, Office of Health Services 484-365-7338
  • Wellness Center Suite 100