COVID-19 Office Protocols

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Students who would like to make an appointment in Health Services should:

  1. Call Health Services at 484-365-7338 to state your concern or email to indicate your need.
    1. Ensure you leave your name (clearly stated or spelled)
    2. Leave your cell phone number and/or Lincoln email address
    3. Indicate your concern 
  2. Expect a staff member to respond to your request either with:
    1. an appointment date/time, or
    2. with a scheduled “triage & assessment” call via Zoom by the nurse (date/time/Zoom Registration information to be provided).
      *You may only be able to access your Zoom assessment call at the date/time indicated for you [the participant].
    3. If your call or email for an appointment is made over a weekend, or Holiday, or after hours, please wait for the next operations day for your response from Health Services.
    4. If you have a severe emergency, please contact Public Safety for transport to Jennersville Hospital/Tower Health Emergency Room, and notify your Residence Life representative. This ensures that Health Services is made aware of follow-up as needed.

*If you have a presumed COVID-19 symptom or you’ve tested positive elsewhere, contact #911 for ambulance transport using appropriate PPE. As soon as is possible, notify Public Safety, Residence Life, and Health Services.

*When students who have gone to the ER need transport back to campus, please contact Public Safety or Health Services to arrange. Residence Life/Dean of Students will be notified if the transport was for a presumed COVID-19 concern, as well as if housing adjustments need to be made.

* It is each student’s responsibility to notify your parent/guardian if transported to the Emergency Room.

  Office Visits
  1. Students will be given a date & time for their appointment.
  2. Students must wear a mask upon entry into the Health Services suite and maintain their facemask covering during their scheduled appointment (unless instructed by the health services staff to remove for an assessment-in-person). Students must have their temperature checked upon arrival at the office.
  3. If a student is going to be 10 minutes delayed, the student should notify the staff at 484-365-7338.
  4. If a student is 15 or more minutes late for an appointment, Health Services reserves the right to re-schedule the appointment to ensure other patients are seen on time.
  5. If the Health Services staff needs to reschedule an appointment for a student, the student will be notified by their Lincoln email address and, if available, their cell phone number.
  Student Transports
  1. The 24-hour notice required for non-medical emergency transports remains in effect.
  2. Please do not schedule appointments outside of the Oxford and West Grove areas for health service transports.
  3. Consider this when making your appointments:
    1. Drivers start transports for student appointments at 9 a.m.
    2. Drivers may be available for pick-ups until 3:30 p.m.
  4. Transports are usually available to be scheduled Monday-Friday.
  5. Please do not schedule transports that will have you off-campus longer than 1 hour (total transportation time of departure, arrival, and pick-up).

To decrease the demand for pharmacy transports, Health Services will be partnering with Rite Aid to deliver your medications to Health Services where you can pick them up. To participate, follow the following steps:

  1. Inform Health Services that you would like to enroll in the delivery service
  2. Provide pertinent information such as name, address, phone, and insurance information
  3. Ensure that you have requested your prescription be transferred to the Oxford location or that Health Services has your new prescription to send to them
  4. Delivery days are Monday-Wednesday-Friday. There is no weekend or holiday service.
  5. You may call 484-365-7338 to see if your prescription has been delivered.
  Nursing Assessment Protocol
  • All students must wear a mask to be seen in the office and maintain it unless told to remove for an oral assessment.
  • All students must have an appointment to be seen in the office at this time. No walk-in appointments are available at this time.
  • Students needing to be triaged and assessed before making their appointment should be given a specific date & time for their Zoom assessment via their Lincoln email with the Zoom access number and participant registration ID number.
  • Students with any GI symptoms or Respiratory symptoms or flu-Like or COVID-19 symptoms such as body aches, SOB, fever, loss of taste, or smell should have a Zoom assessment.
  • Students with fevers who can be triaged over the phone by the nurse—if no other accompanying symptoms—to determine treatment plan (temperatures greater than 100.4 Fahrenheit) since students will be supplied with a personal thermometer upon arrival to campus. Note: if a student traveled since their arrival to campus.
    • *If self-quarantine is necessary (e.g. 48 hours): monitor temp daily—note if with or without Analgesic
    • *If a longer quarantine is necessary (e.g. 14 days): monitor temp and symptom assessment daily; and note whether the student has been “relocated” in student housing [and ensure that all appropriate campus entities are aware, for example, Public Safety, Residence Life, Dean of Students, Thompson Hospitality].
  • In any quarantine or isolation cases, ensure that an email is sent to the student’s faculty members for coursework.
  • If a student’s triage/assessment warrants concern and indicates a need for a COVID-19 test, notify Dr. Monasterio for a lab-slip for students’ tests. Notify the lab that you have a presumptive-case coming for testing so that they are PPE prepared to receive the student. 
  1. Students (with appointments) should be seen with all staff & students wearing masks
  2. Any GI, flu-like, respiratory symptoms, or oral-pharyngeal symptoms should be pre-screened and assessed with the Health Services staff wearing mask and face shield & gown and gloves.
  3. Health Services staff will continue to notify Instructors if the student is placed on bed-rest, self-quarantine, or isolation for coursework to be obtained by the student. (If seen by the Emergency Room, those discharge instructions will serve as an indicator and note for students absence from class also).
  4. Health Services staff is expected to use Sanitizing wipes to clean counter space, equipment used, and exam tables after each exam room visit.
  5. Students with any respiratory, oral-pharyngeal, or flu-like symptoms that may warrant the physician’s assessment should be scheduled for a Zoom-Assessment before scheduling the physician appointment. All parties expected to present for their “in-person” exam with PPE as stated above.
  6. Student Physicals will be scheduled only after a nurse has completed a pre-assessment to include: Physical assessment, Questionnaire for COVID-19, Temperature, Vaccine review, or administration before the physician seeing the student. Students may be expected to have two-dates/times for a physical. For example, the first appointment with the nurse and the second follow-up appointment completed by the physician.
  7. Please do not allow any walk-in doctor’s appointment requests that have not been pre-assessed by the nursing staff. This includes verbal consultations that are requested for prescription refills, etc.
  8. Students will be encouraged to bring their own nebulizer equipment, medication, and ready-inhalers for use in their rooms as needed if asthmatic.