The Lair (Recreation Center) Mission

The primary emphasis of Lincoln University’s Recreation Center, The Lair, is to foster the total development and well-being of the students of Lincoln University by offering an array of recreational activities. We demonstrate commitment to excellence by utilizing resources that promote competition and fun among the students, such as billiards, ping pong, board, video, and card games, etc. The Lair provides a space for students to relax and de-stress from daily curricular activities.

Lyndsay M. Raymond Executive Director for Student Success, Division of Student Success 484-365-7927
  • Student Union Building (SUB) Room 130

The Naming of the Lair

Some years ago, deliberation ensued to consider a name for the Recreation Center to reflect a place where students could unwind after a long day of classes and academic rigor. Because the University’s mascot is a Lion, some locations on campus already used names to reflect such (i.e. Lion’s Den). Therefore, during deliberations, it was deemed necessary to develop a name for the Recreation Center that would symbolize a place where students could spend their free time relaxing, and which is consistent with the mascot. In 2004, the Recreation Center became the Lair.