Writing and Reading Center Mission

The Writing and Reading Center follows the facilitative reading and writing centered tutoring model to help students achieve competence in areas of reading and writing. The WRC’s focus is to enable students to develop their reading and writing skills and to provide students with strategies to negotiate different reading and writing tasks. It also helps students become more   linguistically-conscious, independent student thinkers who can better execute their reading and writing tasks in various disciplines and situations with better precision and awareness of their audience. The Writing and Reading Center plays a vital role in serving the tutoring needs of all developmental students beyond their developmental reading and writing classes. It also provides the instructional support needed to all LU students throughout their matriculation to further assist in increasing retention and graduation rates.

Samaa Gamie Associate Professor, Department of Languages & Literature; Assistant Director, Writing Proficiency Program; Director, Writing Center sgamie@lincoln.edu 484-365-7525
  • University Hall Room 301
Gary Arnold Writing and Reading Center Coordinator garnold@lincoln.edu 484-365-7484
  • Wright Hall Room 203