Student financial aid funds must be paid on a student’s account and the account has to indicate a credit balance before a refund can be processed.

Refunds are processed automatically.

A student can view his or her account via WebAdvisor* under the Financial Information.

  • Click on View Account and Make Payments.
  • Expand the Refunds section and you will be able to view any refunds being processed.
  • If the Pay method is filled in that means that Lincoln University has completed their process and the refund has been sent to Tuition Management Systems for distribution to your refund preference.

An e-mail will be sent to your Lincoln e-mail address informing you when the refund has been completed.

Student refunds are handled by Tuition Management Systems. We advise for every student to sign up for his/her refund preference (either Debit Card or Direct Deposit) via Lincoln Choice. Any questions about a refund should be addressed to Tuition Management Systems via telephone at 888-425-1138.

*WebAdvisor login instructions