Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review 

Academic Program Review is the systemic and cyclical assessment of academic programs. The process features these main steps including:

  • A departmental self-study
  • Review by an internal review committee
  • An external program review
  • An evaluation of the two studies and the creation of an action plan for improvement

The purpose of the Academic Program Review is for academic programs and departments to analyze and reflect on their teaching, learning, scholarly activities and create a plan for improvement. The Self-Study Report includes

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Faculty/Department Profile
  • Program Profile
  • Student Profile & Performance
  • Student Learning Assessment
  • Resources, Organization, & Management
  • Future Outlook
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Academic Program Review Process

The diagram below illustrates the program review process. The entire process typically encompasses one academic year.

Program Review Schedule

Review Year



Biology, Environmental Science, English Liberal Arts, French, Spanish


Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Management, Music, Visual Arts, Library*


Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Engineering Science, Physics, Nursing, Mass Communications


Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Mathematics, Math General Education, Math Learning Center*


Writing Proficiency Program, Basic Writing Program, Composition Program, Writing and Reading Center*, Psychology, Human Services, BHS-Flex


History, Pan-Africana Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Health Science


MED Early Childhood, MED Early Childhood/Special Education, MED Educational Leadership, MBA, MA Human Services

* Due to these unit’s responsibilities, the Review and Self-Study will be revised, as appropriate.

Program Review Resources