Psychology and Human Services Department

The Department of Psychology and Human Services is committed to providing a solid foundation for students to experience and engage in comprehensive course study, disciplined research and professional applications of interventions for the betterment of the human condition. The mission of the Lincoln University undergraduate Psychology Program is to prepare students for careers in fields that require knowledge of the behavioral sciences and/or admissions into graduate and or related professional studies.  Emphasis is placed on exposing students to the field’s underpinnings and the limitation of their application globally and challenges ethically ultimately expanding students’ perspective of the field.

The goal of the Psychology program is to produce graduates that are prepared to enter the psychology field as a beginning professional and qualify for admission to graduate programs in psychology and related graduate and professional schools. 

The mission of the Lincoln University undergraduate Human Services program is to prepare students for successful careers in the helping professions. They will utilize their interdisciplinary knowledge and training to work in varied areas, including community agencies, state, government, private employment, and non-profit organizations. Students are also prepared to pursue graduate studies in related areas such as social work, public health and counseling.

Campus Location:
John Miller Dickey Hall, Second Floor, Room 286

Telephone: 484-365-7535
Fax: 484-365-8092

Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Lincoln University
Dept. of Psychology & Human Services 
1570 Baltimore Pike
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Phone: 484-365-7535
Office Address: John Miller Dickey Hall Second Floor, Room 286
Denise F. Brown Dr. Denise F. Brown Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Psychology & Human Services 484-365-7547
  • John Miller Dickey Hall Room 287
June Van Rooyen Ms. June Van Rooyen Department Assistant, Department of Psychology & Human Services 484-365-7535
  • John Miller Dickey Hall Room 286