Lincoln Email Quick Reference Guide

Lincoln Email Frequently Asked Questions

1. Username
Students: first name.last name
Faculty/Staff: first initial.last name
NOTE: Do NOT include

2. Password
Students: for your FIRST attempt; enter your Lincoln email password
NOTE: If you need assistance with password verification, contact the IT Help Desk at 484-365-8134
Faculty/Staff: Contact the IT Help Desk at 484-365-8134 to retrieve your temporary password

How do I reset my password?

For assistance with resetting your Lincoln email password, please contact the IT Help Desk at 484-365-8134.

I am not receiving any recent emails, what’s wrong?

  • Have you checked the way you have your emails sorted?
  • Check your received column click arrow to make sure the date order is arranged so that the most recent email is viewed first. 
  • Check your Inbox to ensure that you do not have it sorted by Subject.
  • Note: If you have checked all of this information and you still are having issues, please contact the IT Help Desk at 484-365-8134.

How do I setup my Lincoln email on my smartphone?

Click on this link for instructions

Email security tips/credential assistance

Note: The Lincoln University Office of Information Technology will NEVER distribute emails asking for your user name or password. If you receive any emails that appear to be authentic however, you are uncertain, contact the Office of Information Technology IMMEDIATELY! Do not enter ANY information or forward to anyone else.