Office for Community Service and Engagement

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Can I volunteer virtually?
Per the University's safety protocols, the Office for Community Service and Engagement is offering virtual volunteer opportunities. Please visit Engage Lincoln Lions often for ongoing service listings.

How can I enter, track, and verify my service hours?
Students should log into Engaged Lincoln Lions using your Lincoln email and click add impact. Enter your service information and the servicing community partner’s, contact information. Correspondence will be sent to the community partner as well as the Office of Community Service and Engagement. If you experience any challenges, please forward a letter on the community partner’s letterhead that includes your name and service hours to Natasha Faison for verification.

How do I verify my approved service hours? I want to include experiences to assist with supporting materials, such as a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, graduate school application, scholarship service requirements, personal statements, and Interviews.
Log into Engaged Lincoln Lions using your Lincoln email and click dashboard under your name to view your verified hours. Also, click the summary under your name to view or print the engagement summary.

A department within the Student Success Division, The Office for Community Service and Engagement serves in partnership with Lincoln University’s High Impact Co-Curricular Student Engagement Unit.


Through Lincoln University’s strong commitment to student success, The Office for Community Service and Engagement is designed for Lincoln students to use volunteer service coupled with diverse, real-world experiences, to cultivate skills towards their pursuit of a professional and successful career, all while strengthening the community around them.


Students will utilize their gifts, talents, and abilities to develop additional skills within an academic discipline or per an individual service interest, partnering directly with community leaders, organizations, alumni, and/or local residents, with the goal of creating an even better world. 

The Office for Community Service and Engagement will provide students and also invested stakeholders, rewarding campus, and community partnership programs.  Whether through community service, individual volunteerism, service-learning, or community-based research, students will gain:

  • professional skills that will aid in postgraduate and career preparation,
  • transformational leadership tools that will address societal issues and problem-solving opportunities,
  • an appreciation for social accountability, diversity, and global responsiveness.

Through a commitment of at least 25-75 service hours per semester, students will continue to advance Lincoln’s legacy by embarking upon meaningful, hands-on community engagement, professional development, and life-long service-learning programs.

How do I begin?

Please visit our frequently asked questions link for your start to service.

Contact Us

We are located in Wright Hall 119.  You may also reach us via email at or call 484-365-7979.  Contact the Office for Community Service and Engagement to begin your legacy of service today. 

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  ~ Mohandas Gandhi~

Grace Rush Director of Community Service and Student Life Coordinator, Department of Residence Life 484-365-7702
  • Student Union Building (SUB) Room 130