DSCS Program Overview

The Disciplinary Sanction Community Service Program (DSCS) is an extension of the Student Code of Conduct Judicial Board that assigns and monitors community service sanctions. Community Service provides an opportunity for the student to contribute positively to their community. Depending upon the violation, the following community service may be assigned:

  • Marijuana 101 or Alcohol 101 on-line course.  Student is required to pay $40 for course.
  • Completion of Pre-reflection and Post-reflection supplements
  • Mandatory attendance at bi-monthly reflection meetings
  • Mandatory attendance at self-improvement workshops (improving self esteem, drugs & alcohol, anger management, and conflict resolution)
  • Mandatory participation in community service opportunities on-campus (campus clean-ups, dining hall clean-ups, after party clean-ups, etc.)
  • Mandatory participation in off-campus community service opportunities
  • Assignment to serve and work in various on-campus departments
  • Donations to Ronald McDonald House Wish List

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