Community Service Engagement FAQs


Engaging in community service or service learning is an extension of Lincoln University’s traditional legacy of serving its community locally and internationally.

Through  learning, liberating and leading, every Lincoln student possesses abilities and talents  that can contribute to meeting the needs and improving the quality of the community while fulfilling learning objectives.  Whether assisting citizens with voter registration, being a theatre volunteer, collecting goods and health care items for storm survivors, tutoring youth in afterschool programs, participating in an alternative break, hosting a campus forum about behavioral health or campus and community safety;  your contributions through volunteerism will impact others and the world around you.  Approved volunteer hours can be recorded and enhance applications for graduate school, membership into professional or social organizations, or even scholarships. You will gain a treasured experience that will help strengthen your aspirations and preparedness towards a solid career while serving the community and the world in a rewarding and impactful way.  


  • On-campus:   You can participate in approved service activities sponsored by student organizations hosted on campus. Students can also inquire about volunteer prospects with Lincoln’s faculty and staff members in various campus departments/ divisions.
  • In the Community:  Click the link below to view approved service partners via Give Pulse. It contains a list of volunteer opportunities from local agencies that will identify with your service interests. Additionally, the Director of Community Engagement and Service Learning can assist you with locating a service opportunity.
  • Attend One-Time Events: Students can participate in approved One-Time Events which can vary from hour per hour which includes a reflection. Major campus, student organization and/or departmental service events, such as New Student Orientation Week, Homecoming, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, The Lion’s Roar, Undergraduate Research Symposiums, Commencement and much more are also included. 
  • At Home –Pre-approved organizations in communities outside of Chester County, which may include your home residential area, is an option for community service.

How do I earn my community service hours?  There are a few ways to begin community service or service learning projects towards earning your service hours.

  • Login to the Give Pulse portal to select the agency or service opportunity that aligns with your interest, major and/or career goals.
  • Complete a legacy reflection form at the end of your service.
  • Most service opportunities have applications, interviews and screening requirements, some with minimal costs.  Be sure to complete the affiliates’ expectations prior to providing your service hours.  Feel free to contact the OCSE for additional assistance:  484.365.7979.

What do I do if I cannot contact my agency? If you cannot get in contact with the community partner, you will need to contact the Office for Community Service & Engagement so that the connection can be made for you or you may be reassigned to a new partner.                                                                                                                                                             

May I use the service hours I have gained from my current employer?  If the service hours are with one of the non-profit organizations on the OCSE’s partner list, you may submit your service hours.  Be sure the organization is an approved agency of Lincoln University.                                            

Is military service a service learning opportunity? Yes. Active-duty military and honorably discharged veterans will receive 50 service hours in honor of their military service.                                                                                                                                                          

 Can I provide colleague-to colleague mentoring or tutoring and receive service hours? No, this type of service would not be considered as community outreach.                  

 If I complete more than 25 hours during a semester, will the hours carry over? Yes.

Can I complete service hours during the summer? Yes, any time after your first year at Lincoln, students can perform community service hours during the summer at a non-profit organization or a national organization that is approved by the Office for Community Service and Engagement, prior to starting the service.                                              

Can I change my placement during the semester? Yes. However, you must serve with an organization for at least three weeks before changing to another approved placement.  It is vital that you represent Lincoln University by serving the community with consistency and integrity.                                                                                                                                                 

Where is the Office for Community Service & Engagement located? We are located in Wright Hall 119.   Please speak with the receptionist to reach the appropriate staff member within the co-curricular student engagement unit.