SGA President

Message from the SGA President


Greetings Lincoln Family!

My name is Jayla Ross and I humbly serve as the 2021-2022 SGA Executive President under the Power Administration. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA—the birthplace of civil rights—I am passionate about creating monumental changes through advocacy. Within my term, my board and I will continue the legacy of student empowerment in our home we call Lincoln University.

“There is power in the first '' is the foundation of my initiatives, decisions, and actions to ensure students are heard in all aspects of their college lives. Lincoln has been a place where I have gained life-changing opportunities and my goal is to ensure others share this same token of appreciation for our institute! As an administration, we abide by our Ten Point Plan that outlines the demands we know puts students first and ultimately achieve this goal.

I am excited to not only serve as an elected official but to become the classmate, confidant, and comrade we all appreciate throughout our college careers. See you around!

In Orange and Blue Spirit,

Jayla Ross


1. We want the necessary funding to facilitate initiatives/programs that engage our student body

2. We want to hold school authorities accountable to have better control of our university (i.e. Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff)

3. We want our mental and physical wellness to be prioritized as much as we are expected to pay our tuition bills

4. We want exposure for ALL students from ALL backgrounds at Lincoln University so that they may feel comfortable and supported

5. We want to be involved in decisions that directly affect us and not solely reap the results

6. We want to challenge and dismantle outdated traditions that put student voices last

7. We want the proper recognition as the first degree-granting HBCU

8. We want a better approach to the operations of our executive, legislative, and judicial branches through proper communication

9. We want more accessible resources following the unprecedented times we are currently experiencing

10. We want to leave Lincoln University of PA knowing the power of our voices, the power of our educations, and the power of our futures