Public Safety Mission

The Department of Public Safety implements/compliments the University’s mission as it relates to the safety of students, personnel and their guests while encouraging individuals to be responsible for their own safety and security, as well as the safety and security of college property.

The Department of Public Safety will provide the following:

  • To prevent, detect, and investigate criminal and non-criminal incidents.
  • To enforce parking/traffic rules and regulations.
  • To provide emergency and routine medical assistance.
  • To provide security services for events at the University.
  • To provide general services and assistance to University personnel, students, visitors and guests.
  • To educate the University community about the services offered by the Department of Public Safety.

Although the Department of Public Safety has a number of functions, as a whole it is a service department, working hand-in-hand with all departments, to achieve the mission of Lincoln University.


Students, faculty and staff acknowledge that “Safety and Security” on the Lincoln University Campus “Is Everyone’s Responsibility”. The students, faculty and staff are active participants in identifying and undertaking reasonable and necessary measures to ensure the safety, physical and fiscal responsibilities of the educational process and at Lincoln University.

Marc Partee Director/Chief of Police, Department of Public Safety 484-365-8127
  • International Cultural Center (ICC) Room 109
Donna Hess Program Assistant, Department of Public Safety 484-365-7660
  • International Cultural Center (ICC) Room 111