Writing Proficiency Program Mission

The WPP is a university-wide program designed to ensure that students can write proficiently before they graduate and enter graduate school, a professional setting, or the workforce. All Lincoln University students must complete all components of the WPP before they can graduate from Lincoln University. This degree requirement must be fulfilled before students are awarded their diploma.

The successful completion of the Writing Proficiency Program will become a graduation requirement for all LU students starting with the graduating class of 2013. The WPP requirement for graduation consists of three steps:

  • Passing the blue book requirement in ENG 101, which is the Writing Proficiency Exam
  • Taking four writing intensive courses approved by the major department
  • Submitting a successful portfolio (consisting of four documents) that is approved and certified by the major department and the Chair. Students who fail the portfolio requirement will be required to attend a prescribed number of writing workshop and submit a revised portfolio.

Once the students successfully complete the WPP, they will be certified for graduation by the Registrar’s Office.