Writing Portfolio Requirements per Department

Department: Biology

Biology and Environmental Science Majors Portfolio Requirements:

  • Résumé: An up-to-date résumé should be included in your portfolio.
  • Cover Letter: A standard cover letter that can be used for an internship, job or graduate school application.
  • Personal Statement: The personal statement should be appropriate for an internship or graduate school application.
  • Two lab reports: One from Genetics or from first semester junior year and one from a 300 or 400 level course.
  • Research Paper: At least one research paper authored in one of the science classes required for the major
  • Capstone: Everything from summer research internships: abstract, PowerPoint and/or poster or the research paper from the senior seminar capstone class or a comprehensive report about a study abroad experience.
  • Other: This can be an additional research paper or lab report that is of exceptional quality and should be included in the portfolio to accurately reflect the student’s ability. It may also be a publication or other document that enhances the portfolio.







First submitted (date)




Rubric Score

(rubric should be attached)

Passed (>75%)



Nov. Jr. Year





Cover letter or

Personal Statement

Nov. Jr. Year





Lab Report 1

Nov. Jr. Year





Lab Report 2

Feb. Sr. Year





Research Paper

Feb. Sr. Year






Feb. Sr. Year













Department: Mathematical Sciences

Math Majors Portfolio Requirements:

A minimum of four (4) documents which can include: 

  • One Resume or CV, including a detailed work philosophy statement.
  • One Personal Statement (see description on department webpage)
  • One to three Project, Research or Internship Products from any of the Capstone courses: Written report, poster with abstract, short research paper, conference presentation, etc.
  • One to three examples of revised and edited written assignments from different designated Writing Emphasis courses (minimum 3 pages each)​

Department: Computer Science

Computer Science Majors Portfolio Requirements:

A minimum of four (4) documents:

  • Three of the documents should consist of technical papers, preferably written for our writing emphasis classes in Computer Science (some flexibility will be applied regarding which class the paper was written for, with the permission of the adviser or the chairperson).  
  • The fourth document can be Résumé or CV and a Personal Statement (combined), or instead, a paper from any writing class.

Note: Students who have taken the certified CSC writing emphasis courses (those designated with W, with Web programming being one) do not need to submit a paper to the department or their advisers, for those particular courses (i.e. completion of the course automatically would count as one of the four papers). 

Due Dates:

December graduates: 10/1

May graduates: 2/1

Department: Chemistry and Physics
Chemistry, Biochemistry, Engineering Science, and Physics Majors Writing Portfolio Requirements:

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Engineering Science, and Physics majors are required to have at least six (6) writing samples in their portfolio.  The following items must be included in the portfolio:

  1. Resume;
  2. Personal Statement,
  3. Poster from off-campus summer research or on-campus research,
  4. At least two lab reports (different classes),
  5. Outside writing(s) or term paper, and
  6. Research publications (if any).

The Writing Portfolio is a written representation of the student. The portfolio must be neatly arranged in a notebook and submitted to the Departmental Assistant. Once it has been approved by the Department Chairperson, the notebook becomes the property of the department.

Portfolio Due dates:

  • Junior and Senior Portfolios due: Nov 2—February 19

Department: Nursing

Nursing Majors Portfolio Requirements: TBA

Department: Health Sciences

Health Sciences Majors Portfolio Requirements: 

A minimum of four (4) documents which can include:

  • Three (3) eligible documents as assigned by professors in writing intensive courses within the HSC department.

These courses include

HSC-201.W - Introduction to Health Science  (This used to be HSC-231)

HSC-207.W - Health Promotion

HSC-246.W - Cultural Health

HSC-325.W - Drugs & Society (approval in progress)

HSC-402.W - Health Administration

HSC-410.W - Program Planning

HSC-415.W - Issues & Trends

HSC-490.W - Sport Leadership

NOTE: If a student does not earn an 80% or higher on a WPP assignment in one of the HSC writing intensive classes, but passes the course with a B- or better, the student will be allowed to use the course grade as a WPP entry.  This opportunity is for ONE writing intensive course only.

  • The fourth document can be a Cover Letter & Resume, or another paper from an HSC writing intensive course.

Portfolio Due Date:  October 30th of the student’s senior year.

Department: Business and Entrepreneurial Studies

Business and Entrepreneurial Studies Portfolio Requirements:

  • at least one writing sample from a 200 level (or higher) business core course
  • an in-class writing assignment from a 300 level (or higher) writing-intensive business course submitted by the professor
  • any writing assignments submitted by the student, including term papers, articles/publications, or other written presentations.
  • Students are encouraged to submit to their Advisor, copies of any paper from any 200 level (or higher) course that they feel reflect their true writing proficiency. The Advisor will file the papers in the portfolio, and they will be included in the review.
  • a minimum of three (3) documents is necessary to complete the portfolio.

Department: Psychology & Human Services

Psychology and Human Services Portfolio Requirements:

  • Conference Presentations
  • Personal Statements
  • Resumes or CVs
  • Statements of Teaching Philosophy
  • Essays
  • Research Papers
  • Lab Reports

The portfolio must include four writing samples. 

  • Any writing assignments submitted by the student. (Students are encouraged to submit to the Department Secretary copies of any paper from any 200 level (or higher) course that they feel reflect their true writing proficiency. The Secretary will file the papers in the portfolio, and they will be included in the Review.)
  • If the papers are found to be less than what is expected of a college student, then the student will be directed to either the writing laboratory at Lincoln or sent to the PREP program offered by the English department. The writing portfolios of our students will be retained for a period of three years within the Department. These portfolios will be retained in electronic and hard copy format.

Department: Languages & Literature

Liberal Arts/English Majors Portfolio Requirements:

A portfolio is assessable if it contains:

  • A personal essay or professional vision statement
    • Why did you choose to be an English Major? Please indicate which track. What do you see yourself doing in the future? How will your major help you with that vision?
  • A current resume
    • The resume should contain a non-Lincoln email address where you can be reached after graduation.
  • At least two writing assignments from a 200+ level course in any department.

French and Spanish Majors:
Portfolio Includes:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal Statement
  • 4-6 page research paper
  • At least a one page response writing assignment from a 200+ course

Portfolios should be submitted to the Dr. Donohue, Chair of the Languages & Literature Department, University Hall, third floor or by email at wdonohue@lincoln.edu.

Department: Mass Communications

Mass Communications Majors Portfolio Requirements:


Mass Communications majors are required to submit the following four (4) writing samples:

1. Résumé:*for resume writing assistance, please visit the Career Services Office in Wright Hall Suite 316

2. Personal Statement:The personal statement should be appropriate for an internship or graduate school application, digital portfolio or professional website

3. Conceptual Writing Assignment:This writing sample must be a minimum of three (3) pagesin length and come from one of the following Conceptual courses:

*Include the name of course, the semester in which you were enrolled in the course, and name of instructor.

  • COM-201 - Mass Media and Society
  • COM-300 - Communication Theory
  • COM-320 - Gender and the Media
  • COM-322 - African Americans and the Media
  • COM-323 - Media and Popular Culture
  • COM-401 - Research Methods in Mass Communication
  • COM-404 - Mass Media Law and Ethics
  • COM-495 - Research/Independent Study

4. Communication Industry Writing Assignment:This writing sample demonstrates your ability to meet professional standards and format in a communication profession. The sample (such as a script, press release, news article, blog, press kit) must come from one of the following skills courses:

*Include the name of course, the semester in which you were enrolled in the course, and name of instructor.

  • COM-202 - Writing and Reporting Across the Media
  • COM-302 - Strategic Communication Principles and Theory
  • COM-331 - Digital News Reporting and Production
  • COM-332 - Digital Media Strategies and Publishing
  • COM-416 - Television News Producing
  • COM-402 - Advertising and Integrated Mkg Communications
  • COM-452 - The Lincolnian Practicum
  • COM-453 - The Lincolnian Management
  • COM-455 - Entrepreneurial Journalism
  • COM-490 - Internship in Mass Communications

***All portfolios must be turned into Ms. Kathleen Clark, @ kclark@lincoln.eduby 5pm on deadline date.***

Department: History, Pan-Africana Studies, Philosophy, and Religion  

History, Pan-Africana Studies, Philosophy, and Religion  Majors Portfolio Contents:

  • The student's resume (curriculum vitae)
  • Seminar Research paper (18-30 pages), graded, based on the essay rubric common to the program
  • Two (2) other writing samples at Junior or Senior level

Department: Political Science 

Political Science Majors Portfolio Contents: 

  • The student's resume (curriculum vitae) 
  • Seminar Research paper (18-30 pages), graded, based on the essay rubric common to the program 
  • Two (2) other writing samples at Junior or Senior level 

Department: Visual and Performing Arts

Music Majors Portfolios Requirements:

  • Research paper – Music Lit.
  • Junior and Senior Recital Program Notes
  • Biological sketch (from recitals)
  • Curriculum vitae

Performing Arts Majors Portfolio Requirements:

  • Research Paper  MUS 204
  • Research Paper   MUS 304
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Program Notes from Junior Recital
  • Program Notes from Senior Recital
  • A short paper on Life Experiences at Lincoln during undergraduate studies

Visual Arts B.A./B.S. Visual Arts Majors Portfolio Requirements: 

    I. 3-5 pages: Work of an established artist/ designer –– or –– Work of your own 
  5. I. 6-10 pages: Art History research paper prepared in ART 211, ART 212, ART 375 or ART 376 
    I. Any two (2) graded papers from a 200 level or higher course outside of required visual art program courses.

Due Dates:

Portfolio is due November 15 of the student’s junior year. If portfolio is not complete at this point the student must write an explanation of when the missing components will be completed and note which course the missing components will be completed in. 

Any senior who has failed to submit a writing portfolio, or needed to resubmit materials into an existing partial portfolio, must submit materials by September 30.

The writing portfolio is a graduation requirement that must be approved by the Chair of the Department. Failure to submit a complete approved writing portfolio will impact the Chair’s approval of graduation.

Department: Sociology & Criminal Justice
Sociology and Criminal Justice Major Portfolio Contents:

Anthropology, Criminal Justice and Sociology majors are required to submit a total of four documents to complete their Writing Portfolio. Those documents include:

  • Resume or CV: The resume should be appropriate for an employment application
  •  Three (3) writing assignments from ANY 200-level or above course that reflect your true writing proficiency. The writing assignments should be the minimum of three (3) pages in length. The three assignments must be from three different courses.

            Other possible contents include:

  • Conference Presentations
  • Personal Statements
  • Essays (Including Blue Books)
  • Research Papers
  • Lab Reports

For each completed Writing Intensive Course Assignment:

The course instructor shall utilize a related rubric to grade/assess the writing.

The rubric should be made available and attached to the writing assignment.

As part of the Lincoln University graduation requirements, students majoring in the Sociology & Criminal Justice Department (also includes anthropology majors) shall complete four Writing Intensive courses designated by their Chair and/or advisor of the major.

Before graduation, each completed writing portfolio will be reviewed and signed by the department chair or major advisor, thereby certifying the student’s participation and graduation compliance with the Writing Proficiency program.


FALL: November 15th – 19th

SPRING: February 28th – March 4th


  • Email your portfolio to yechevarria@lincoln.edu
  • Submit your WPP in ONE document. All your assignments should be in one PDF/Word document.

For assistance, please contact Mrs. Yoli Echevarria, Department Assistant.

Phone: 484-365-7543

Email: yechevarria@lincoln.edu

Office: Dickey Hall, Suite 300, Room 301/305