Writing Proficiency Program FAQs

1- To whom do students submit their portfolios?
Students should submit their portfolios to their department chairs or the writing liaison of their major department. The ideal person to contact for this information is the department chair.

2- What are some content options for the Writing portfolios?
Some content options for portfolios can include:

  • Conference Presentations 
  • Essays
  • Lab reports
  • Personal Statements
  • Research paper
  • Résumés or CVs
  • Statements of Teaching Philosophy

3- How do students know which documents to include in their portfolio?
Contact your department chair or your department’s writing liaison for the department’s portfolio requirements.

4- Do all departments have the same requirements?
No, they don’t. So make sure you contact the department chair about your department’s portfolio components.

5- Who do students contact to find out the result of their portfolio submission?
Your department chair will be the one to contact to find out the result of your portfolio submission.

6- Who should notify the registrar when students complete the WPP requirements?
Your major department chair is the one to notify the registrar after your portfolio has been deemed successful, and is the only one who can certify you for graduation.

7- What do students do if their portfolio has been deemed unsuccessful?
You will be asked to revise and resubmit your portfolio by a date set by your department. There are workshops held in the Writer’s Studio and tutoring assistance that you can get from the Center for Advising & Student Achievement that will help you in revising and preparing your portfolio for resubmission.

8- What will happen if I do not submit my portfolio according to my department’s requirements?
Your portfolio might be deemed unsuccessful by your chair, and you will not be certified for graduation.

9- Who is required to submit a writing portfolio?
Any student who will be in the graduating class of 2013 and afterwards is required to pass the WPP requirement.

10- Where can I find a list of Writing Intensive courses?
Go to the link titled WI courses on the WPP main page. This will take you to the list of WI courses.