Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA)

Mission Statement

It is CASA's mission to provide quality advising and academic support services to students to assist them in the process for timely and successful completion of their degree requirements and preparation for entry into graduate or professional school.  CASA is committed to providing services that will help students develop and enhance their skills so that they can compete in a rapidly changing and global society.  To this end, CASA will serve as a "home away from home" that offers a stimulating learning environment where they can receive personalized attention and academic support and take pride in accomplishing their educational goals.  CASA operates with the philosophy that, "it is not where you start in life, but where you finish."  Per this philosophy, it is our goal to meet students where they are and equip them with the skills necessary to make it to the finish line.


Welcome to CASA, the Center for Advising & Student Achievement.  “Nuestra casa es su casa,” translated from Spanish, this phrase means, “our house is your house.”  We would like students to think of CASA as a “house of learning” that they can come and receive advising and academic support that will enable them to achieve maximum success in college.

The idea for CASA was conceived out of the need to bring more cohesion and uniformity to enhance and maximize services being provided by the Learning Resource Center, the Freshman Year Program, the Academic Advising Center, ACT 101 Achievement Program, and the Early Monitoring Alert Program (EMAP). In addition to these programs now coming under the CASA, the Math Learning Center (MLC), and the Writing and Reading Center (WRC) will also be housed under CASA and function under the direction of the Math and the Language and Literature departments.

Student Services offered in CASA include:

The Writing and Reading Center (WRC), and the Math Learning Center (MLC), are located in CASA, however operate under the auspices of the English (Language and Linguistics) and the Math Departments. These two centers will provide academic assistance to students enrolled in English and math courses as need dictates. 


Office Address: Wright Hall 2nd Floor Reception Area
Nancy A. Kenner Interim Director, Center for Advising and Student Achievement 484-365-7624
  • Wright Hall 210
Shirley M. Quillin Program Assistant, Center for Advising and Student Achievement 484-365-7492; 484-365-7627
  • Wright Hall 2nd Floor Reception Area