Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

“...and gladly would we learn and gladly teach.” Geoffrey Chaucer

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) seeks to develop collaborative initiatives with academic and support units across campus that foster best practices in teaching and learning. We offer a variety of programs and services, based on faculty needs and designed to encourage discussion of ideas; sharing of questions, information, and best practices; and ongoing faculty professional development.

Our goals and objectives are to

  • Promote the development of effective, student-centered teaching strategies and technologies
  • Support faculty use of academic technology
  • Encourage classroom research
  • Provide information on pedagogical issues: in print, online, and through individual and group discussion
  • Celebrate and share best teaching practices
  • Respond to faculty teaching needs as they arise

Please visit us often to

  • add your ideas to our blog discussions;
  • listen to your faculty colleagues as they reflect on their teaching; 
  • find out what researchers are saying about best practices in pedagogy;
  • check for announcements of upcoming workshops, webinars or brownbags;

CETL Advisory Board

Office Address: Wright Hall 122
Fred-Rick L. Roundtree Assistant Provost and Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, 484-365-8040
  • Wright Hall Room 122
Nancy J. Evans Project Manager & Classroom Technology Specialist, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 484-365-5167
  • Wright Hall 113
Brenda Snider Instructional Technologist, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 484-365-5166
  • Wright Hall 112