Board of Trustees


Ms. Kimberly A. Lloyd '94 - Chair
Reverend Dr. Kevin R. Johnson - Vice Chair
Mr. Kevin E. Vaughan - Secretary
Ms. Sheila L. Sawyer '71 - Parliamentarian

Ex-Officio Trustees

Honorable Tom Wolf, Governor*
Honorable Pedro Rivera, Secretary of Education**
Dr. Richard Green, Interim President

University Trustees 

Robert L. Archie Jr. '65, Esq.
Ms. Terri Dean
Dr. Tammy Evans-Colquitt
Mr. Dimitrius M. Hutcherson
Mr. Donald C. Notice '79
Mr. Terrell Smith (Student)
Mr. Dwight S. Taylor '68
Dr. Deborah C. Thomas '76
Mr. Richard A. White, Jr.

Alumni Trustees 

Mr. Robert A. Allen '80
Ms. Theresa R. Braswell '84
Mrs. Sharman F. Lawrence-Wilson, MHS '98
Reverend Dr. Frances E. Paul '79
Dr. Guy A. Sims '83

Commonwealth Trustees 

Mr. Maceo N. Davis  '70
Mr. Matthew D. Dupee
Dr. Donna M. Laws '87 
Honorable Harry Lewis, Jr.
Honorable Nathaniel C. Nichols
Honorable Cherelle L. Parker '94
Honorable W. Curtis Thomas 

Faculty Representative 

Prof. Charles H. Pettaway, Jr.

Emeritus Trustees 

Dr. William E. Bennett '50
Dr. Walter D. Chambers '52
Dr. Theodore Robb
Mr. William A. Robinson '42
Dr. Kenneth M. Sadler '71

Governor's Representative*

Honorable Andrew Dinniman

Secretary of Education's Representative**

Dr. Wil Del Pilar

Mrs. Diane M. Brown, Manager
Office of the Board of Trustees 
FAX: 484-365-7150 
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