Founded in 1854, Lincoln University, the nation's first degree-granting Historically Black College & University (HBCU), is committed to maintaining a nurturing and stimulating environment for learning, teaching, research, creative expression and public service for a diverse student body, faculty and workforce. With a myriad of firsts to its credit and a tradition of producing world leaders, the University engages in programs that increase knowledge and global understanding. The University's diverse student body and expert workforce foster a supportive environment for professional and personal growth and mutual respect.



As a global institution,  Lincoln University has an expert workforce that offers progressive and comprehensive programs marked by effective support systems and sound fiscal practices.  The University combines the elements of a liberal arts and science-based undergraduate core curriculum with selected graduate programs. The institution is a place where people come willingly to learn, teach, work and visit.

Lincoln University’s faculty provides scholarship, personal development, social responsibility, cultural enrichment and innovation that prepare individuals for careers and leadership positions to enhance the quality of life for all people and meet the challenges of a highly technological and global society.



The core values of the institution are SECURE:

  • The University prepares its students to use their gifts and resources to advance the well-being of its community and to meet the challenges of a global economy.
  • The University considers excellence a standard in its academic, social, technological, economic, environmental, and spiritual pursuits.
  • The University cultivates a culture of care and service among its community, which ultimately benefits the world at large.
  • The University fosters understanding and mutual respect for the contributions and perspectives of its diverse student body, faculty, staff, alumni, surrounding and global communities.
  • The University respects its traditions and reveres its storied legacy.
  • The University’s identity and its work are guided by integrity and sound ethical values.


  • Effective Communication
  • Technology & Information Literacy
  • Diversity Awareness/Cultural Awareness
  • Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement
  • Critical Thinking
  • Institutional Fidelity
  • Financial and Quantitative Literacy
  • Integrative & Life-Long Learning

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