Dean of Students

Lincoln University has a long and distinguished tradition of honoring the human spirit and nurturing its development. Students are encouraged to consider larger questions about their purpose and role in this world. As they examine their values and beliefs, they gain a greater appreciation for beliefs different than their own and respect for those who hold those beliefs. The aim is to provide students with a foundation that will help them integrate personal beliefs with professional demands and prepare them to learn, liberate and lead lives of integrity, civility and compassion.

The Role of Dean and the Associate Dean of Students

The Office of the Deans of Students oversees several Student Success areas. The Dean of Students role is to ensure these offices provide support for students, and plan and implement social programs that enrich the college experience. As an administrator, a dean of students helps to coordinate co-curricular and social programs for students. Additionally, the role also entails handling discipline-related processes and procedures.

The Dean of Students Office, a division within Student Success, oversees aspects of a student’s life outside of the classroom, including the discipline process. The Dean of Students Office at Lincoln University is dedicated to providing a customer style, co-curricular climate that enhances the University mission and vision. The Dean of students serves as a resource for students concerning their rights and responsibilities to their community, as well as providing assistance to faculty, staff, and students regarding student disciplinary matters.

Moreover, The Dean of Students’ Office:

  • plays an important role in enriching and maintaining and evaluating the overall quality of student life. We support the academic mission of the University by facilitating personal, academic, civic, social, spiritual and professional development in our students.
  • works directly with students to help solve problems and to assist in individual and group crisis management.
  • cultivates a caring and supportive campus environment while preparing students for leadership in a dynamic, diverse society.
  • actively promotes campus involvement, diversity and retention through student organizations.
  • is a general resource for all students and will advocate for students when appropriate. assists in establishing standards of conduct as well as disseminating and enforcing University rules, regulations, and policies.

The Dean’s office is committed to… 

  • Promulgating standards and expectations for the student community,
  • Monitoring student behavior,
  • Administering the Code of Student Conduct
  • Overseeing the University’s disciplinary process

Our services include:

  • Developing, disseminating, interpreting, and enforcing campus rules and regulations
  • Teaching students about appropriate behaviors and the consequences for unacceptable and/or inappropriate behaviors through the use of critical thinking skills
  • Intervening effectively when behavior violates the Code of Conduct
  • Offering educational and leadership opportunities for students who participate in the operation of the Student Conduct process Cultivating a community supportive of community standards
  • Referring students to on and off campus offices for continued support and guidance.

Phone: 484-365-7527
Office Address: Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel Chapel Office
Frederick T. Faison Frederick T. Faison, M.Ed., M.Div., Ed.D. Associate Dean of the College and Dean of Students, Office of the Dean of Students 484-365-8075
  • Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel
Maxine Cook Assistant to the Dean of Students, Office of the Dean of Students 484-365-7274
  • Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel