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Welcome to Daily Bulletin, a service from the Office of Communications and Public Relations at Lincoln University. Daily Bulletin is a daily email newsletter with brief summaries of campus announcements of general interest to faculty and staff members at Lincoln University. Daily Bulletin is sent by email each morning, as early as 9 a.m. Any faculty or staff member at Lincoln can submit a post to Daily Bulletin.


Student Wire is the sister publication for student news. Student Wire is compiled, edited and sent from the Division of Student Success. 


  • Submitting items
    • Submit them via the webform below. As of 2/4/19, emailed announcements will no longer be published; all announcements must be submitted via webform. 
    • Only current University faculty and staff may submit items. If a student group wants to notify faculty and staff of an announcement, they must have their advisor submit it on their behalf. The adviser then becomes the contact listed in announcement that runs in Daily Bulletin.
  • Deadline
    • Items may be sent anytime, but for full consideration, items must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. the day prior to the desired publish date.
  • University business only
    • A post must be sponsored by campus department or unit. Commercial and other non-university posts are not appropriate. 
  • Content based on submissions
    • The content in the Daily Bulletin is based on what is sent to the editors to be included; there is no content that is automatically included. Items are included one time, in the next edition that is published, unless specific or additional dates are requested.
  • Repeating Announcements
    • Most items, such as athletics headlines or excused student absences, will appear in only one Daily Bulletin.
    • Events often appear first as a save the date several weeks in advance and then they will run again closer to the event
    • Rarely, notices are published repeatedly, back-to-back. This is reserved for major campus events affecting a broad range of employees.
    • Requests to publish notices more than once are at the discretion of the editors.
  • Editing
    • The editors reserve the right to clarify announcements.
  • Links and Attachments
    • Attachments to emails take up valuable, limited space on email servers, hence we do not add attachments to Daily Bulletin. If you need an attachment or link to a webpage, you may add them below in the “File attachment” field in the webform below. The item will be included in your announcement via a link to the item rather than an attachment to the email.

Contact us - Contact communications@lincoln.edu with questions. The Daily Bulletin is compiled and edited by Shelley Mix and Devin Bonner. 

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