Sponsored Programs

In advancing our vision for empowerment and accountability to our valued stakeholders, OSP will play the engaging role of a service-oriented unit that provides catalytic, confident, competent, and caring leadership to the Lincoln University of Pennsylvania community in the institutionalization of our status as an emerging research institution.  As an “office of opportunities,” OSP will develop, promote, and continually support a campus culture of active sponsored research engagement that will build and implement sound institutional capacity for competitive advantage in national and international extramural funding sources. 

To this end, OSP will accomplish the following:

  • act as a resource for university stakeholders to empower faculty and staff in carrying out their scholarly, experimental, pedagogical, creative, and organizational projects
  • provide oversight for the successful administration of sponsored programs – to include grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements
  • provide consultation services regarding research and sponsored program activities
  • comply with federal, state, and University regulations and other appropriate guiding principles through a professionally supported relationship with our stakeholders. 
  • Our services will include, but are not limited to, the following: helping to move ideas into concepts, conducting prospect research to align with concepts, identifying funding opportunities, assisting in the creation and strengthening of application materials for submission to external funding agencies, providing training programs for successful research and sponsored-programs activities, ensuring  appropriate legal compliances, and advancing  best practices in effective post-award administration of funded projects.

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Phone: 484-365-7234
E-Mail: osp@lincoln.edu
Office Address: Wright Hall First Floor
Charles M. Sutton Dr. Charles M. Sutton Director, Office of Sponsored Programs csutton@lincoln.edu 484-365-7695
  • Wright Hall 160
Ann Marie Berry Program Assistant, Office of Sponsored Programs aberry@lincoln.edu 484-365-7234
Celeste Cassidy Grants Development Specialist, Office of Sponsored Programs ccassidy@lincoln.edu 484-365-7297
  • Wright Hall 120
Lorraine Williams Grants & Contracts Specialist, Office of Sponsored Programs lwilliams2@lincoln.edu 484-365-7694
  • Wright Hall 117